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Fishing Reels

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Spinning Reels

Massive variety of spinning reels - huge range of sizes - all major brands.

Baitrunner Reels

Large range of Baitrunner style fishing reels - great for beach and boat fishing.

Overhead Reels

Huge range of Overhead fishing reels - Especially great for offshore boat fishing and more.

Big Game Reels

Great range of top brand game fishing reels - ideal for trolling or live baiting.

Round Baitcasters

Great for inshore and offshore fishing.

Low Pofile Baitcaster

Perfect for inshore fishing, lakes, inlets, estuaries and dams etc.

Alvey Reels

Iconic Australian brand we have alvey reels for river, beach, boat and more.

Fly Fishing Reels

If you're into fly fishing, check our range of fly reels out.




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The Fishing Tackle Shop is home to the best fishing reels in Australia. When browsing our selection, you’ll have hundreds of options to choose from. Finding a fishing reel is simple because we let you search by the type of reel or the manufacturer.

In terms of type, we stock baitrunner fishing reels, baitcaster reels, game fishing reels, overhead fishing reels, spinning reels, Alvey and a lot more.

The list of manufacturers that we stock is the ultimate A-Z of fishing reel excellence. We proudly stock Alvey, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Okuma, Penn, Pflueger and Shimano among our vast selection and that's just to name a few.

You can browse our fishing reels by searching through the brands and categories listed above. All of the product descriptions will be packed with helpful information about the features, specifications and benefits of our fishing reels.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only fishing reel and tackle online retailers to provide you with a massive amount of useful information.

Don't waste your time on other sites that provide little product information. Check our range of Fishing Reels out!