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Seaguar Fluorocarbon Leader

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Product Description

Kokoda Seaguar fluorocarbon leader line (4lb up to 100lb)

It can be tough to choose a fishing leader line to purchase. The range and selection is nearly as mind blowing as the variety of soft plastic lures available. So, apart from testing every brand, how can you be sure that you are getting the best, or at least getting value for money? This is pretty simple in the end. Seaguar Invisible Shock Leader Is manufactured by Kureha of Japan and sold under the Kokoda Australia Banner. From design to raw materials, Kureha ensure every material and production stage is managed with the strictest quality controls. That’s only half the story however. The reason you should insist on Seaguar fluorocarbon is because Kureha invented 100% fluorocarbon leader and they are also the market leader.

In short, you’re getting value for many because it is reasonably priced but also because it is the best. Some may say “arguably” the best but whatever the case, you cannot go wrong if you choose Seaguar Invisible Shock Leader.

It’s invisible once it penetrates the water. Fish just can’t see it, so they won’t be spooked by your line. The abrasion resistance will allow you to do battle successfully in the toughest of environments, with the sharpest obstacles and the sharpest of teeth. It sinks much faster than its contemporaries and you will find it perfect for natural and artificial baits. The performance really is second to none. Seaguar Invisible Fluorocarbon Leader is for sale now and worth its weight in gold.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 24 Metre Spool
  • Quality Fluorocarbon Leader – A favourite amongst pro tournament fisherman
  • Super low visibility in the water – practically invisable
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Ultra-high tensile as well as knot strength
  • Faster sinking that some other fluorocarbon leader brands.
LbsKgDiameter (mm)
4 1.8 0.165
6 2.7 0.205
8 3.6 0.235
10 4.5 0.285
12 5.4 0.33
15 6.8 0.37
20 9.0 0.405
30 13.6 0.52
50   0.26
60   0.74
80   0.81
100 45.3 0.91


Note: Images for reference only – price is for 1 spool only (prices change depending on what size is selected. To confirm the price head to the drop down size selection menu and pick a size)


  • When the pros prefer it as opposed to simply endorse it, you know you’re on a winner.
  • The Ultra-Low visibility will directly result in an increase in your catch, as fish are completely oblivious to the presence of line until it’s far too late.
  • Superior abrasion resistance gives you better protection from sharp teeth, rocks and reef, again, this will equate to more fish in the live tanks.
  • Incredible knot strength means you will mitigate against weakness caused by connections to hooks and swivels and main line. This is critical when the pressure is on.

Kureha of Japan is the inventor and world leader in 100% fluorocarbon fishing line. Kureha controls every stage of production of Seaguar from raw material through to the finished product. Grab some spools now and never miss a fish again because of inferior leader.

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