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Black Magic IGFA Fishing Line for sale

Are you looking for a quality pre-test fishing line that is IGFA Rated?  Then check out this amazingly priced line from Black Magic Tackle in New Zealand. It has all the bells and whistles you want in an IGFA mono such as resistance to ultra violet exposure, high resistance to abrasion and fantastic knot strength.

Black Magic IGFA Fishing line is a quality monofilament which is manufactured from Japanese co-polymers under the strict guide and specifics that Black Magic require to be able to offer you, the customer, an amazingly good quality mono line at a price that certainly will not break the bank.

IGFA lines are designed for anglers that fish game fishing tournaments. They are to break close to and just under the rating that is published on the spool. IGFA mono is specifically tested to ensure it meets the criteria by the International Game Fishing Association. So, it’s a competition line. However just because it is a line used by game fisho’s chasing records doesn’t mean the average angler can’t use it. In fact, here at Fishing Tackle Shop we highly recommend it to any angler, be it to fish offshore for game fish or inshore for your general table fish. It’s a flamin’ good line to put it simply. A quality fishing line that is fantastic value for money.

Features and Specifications

  • Available in Clear (or hi-viz yellow in selected sizes)
  • Black Magic IGFA Rated Fishing Line
  • Suitable for tournament game fishing or the average angler
  • Low Stretch
  • High resistance to UV damage
  • Manufactured in Japan under Black Magic specification
  • Fantastic knotting strength
  • Super abrasion resistant
  • Choose from either 300 metres / 600 metres / 1000 metre spool

Note: Prices is for 1 spool only and will vary depending on which breaking strain you choose to order as well as the length in metres. (multiple images for illustration only)

What size line do I need?

Firstly, it can depend on the type of fish you are targeting as well as the location. Most advanced anglers can ignore our advice here as they will be quite aware of what they need specific to their requirements. However, if you are an average angler, perhaps not all that versed in fishing knowledge then our recommendation will be to purchase a line between 3-4kg for general light river and lake fishing or perhaps 6-8kg for heavier inshore fishing. For off the rocks we suggest purchasing a Black Magic Line between 8-10kg this is a good all-round size without going too heavy that it becomes difficult to cast. For off the beach try between a 6-10kg line as an all-round line and finally for offshore boat fishing we find our biggest selling line class is between 10-15kg as it covers targeting a wide array of species.

Next the biggest question is how much line you need to purchase as we sell most classes of line in 300 metres, 600 metres or 1000 metre spools. Once you have decided how heavy you want to fish, check the monofilament line capacity on your reel. This info is usually printed on the spool of your reel or is available online on the manufacturers website. This then will tell you how much line you should be purchasing. However, in saying that sometimes it’s better to purchase more line just in case or perhaps you want some extra line for another spool. Besides, generally it isn’t too much more to upgrade to the next metre length spool as Black Magic IGFA Fishing line is very affordable.


  • Lo Stretch – is important as if monofilament stretches too much, guess what! It loses its strength and a 15kg line with a lot of stretch could potentially quickly become an 8kg line. This isn’t so much of an issue with Black Magic IGFA as it is specifically designed for stretch to be kept minimal. Black Magic is low stretch mono.
  • High UV resistance is an important benefit of Black Magic IGFA Fishing Line as it means the line will generally last a lot longer than other brands that are not as resistant to UV exposure.
  • IGFA rated, its tournament legal for those that fish game fishing competitions. Fantastic also for any angler that doesn’t fish comps and just does a bit of general fishing be it in the lake, from the beach, a rock platform or out of a boat or kayak.

Simply put, an amazing good monofilament line at a very fair price. Whist we are based in Australia we also ship worldwide so if you are looking for a quality but great value line, we highly urge you to consider Black Magic IGFA Fishing Line as your next monofilament line. Purchase a spool from us today.


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