Sunline Siglon PE Braid Line

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Sunline Siglon PE Braid Line

If you are an angler that is familiar with the brand Sunline then you probably have heard of or even used Sunline PE Braid. Well things just got a whole lot better at Sunline. 2017 saw the discontinuation of Super PE which has been replaced with the new amazingly priced Sunline Siglon PE Braid line range.

Siglon PE is available in a 4 ply carrier option for those anglers that want an affordable or coarser braid and for those that want a smoother higher performance braid, Siglon is also available in an 8 ply carrier braid to meet the demands of anglers that want to fish with the best. Here at Fishing Tackle shop we are selling both ranges and we will detail a little more on the options further below in our buyers guide to help you make an informed decision on purchasing your next roll of braided fishing line.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Sunline Siglon PE Braid
  • Replaces the older Super PE and Super PE8 models
  • Made in Japan
  • Available in either 4 Ply (PEx4) or 8 ply (PEx8)
  • Selected sizes are available in either 150m or 300m spool sizes (see our drop down order menu next to the add to cart button for details)
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Top quality braid at a very affordable price point
  • Excellent knot strength
  • Low stretch and extremely durable

Notes: Price is for 1 spool only and display pricing will vary depending on which size/meterage you choose to order from our menu. Choose the size you require when ordering.

Sunline Siglon X4 Braid Technical Details

Lb Strain PE Rating Diameter
6lb 0.5 0.121mm
8lb 0.6 0.132mm
10lb 0.8 0.153mm
12lb 1.0 0.171mm
16lb 1.2 0.187mm
20lb 1.7 0.223mm
30lb 2.5 0.270mm

Sunline Siglon X8 Braid Technical Details

Lb Strain PE Rating Diameter
6b 0.5 0.121mm
8lb 0.6 0.132mm
10lb 0.8 0.153mm
12lb 1.0 0.171mm
16lb 1.2 0.187mm
20lb 1.7 0.223mm
30lb 2.5 0.270mm
50lb 4.0 0.342mm
60lb 5.0 0.382mm

Sunline Siglon PE Braid Line Buyer’s Guide

Sunline Siglon PEx4 is a 4 ply braided fishing line. It means that there are 4 strands of braid that are used to construct the line. It’s cheaper to manufacture and therefore is reflected in the final retail price we have on offer. X4 is amazingly priced making it ideal for the angler on a budget or those that are just starting out and learning how to master braided fishing line technique. Being 4 Ply it is a flat braid meaning that whilst it is fine for use on spin or overhead reels overall performance in terms of casting and line management will generally be slightly inhibited compared to 8 ply.

Sunline Siglon PEx8 braid is manufactured in the same way as x4 with the most significant difference being that it is 8 ply. x8 is a little more expensive than x4 due to the extra raw material that goes into the line and because of the slightly more complicated process to manufacture. However, x8 hands down is the braid we would recommend out of the two types we sell if you don’t mind paying a slightly more premium price. Because of the extra weaves Siglon x8 is rounder in profile translating to an enhanced performance. You can generally expect to cast that little bit further and feel more with the x8 braid. So, especially when it comes to spinning reels it’s the pick out of the two models that we sell, in our opinion.

In summary both braids are fantastic braids for the money and anglers at would be comfortable to use both. If your budget conscious or just getting into braid, go with the PEx4. If you want a braid that will deliver the next level in performance then pay the extra and go with the PEx8.


  • Being low stretch, your fishing experience is enhanced due to increased sensitivity and feedback. Feel structure and bites at a greater level.
  • Being super smooth your ability to cast is enhanced, this is a huge benefit particularly if you cast lures.
  • Sunline Siglon PE Braid comes in at amazing price points whether you choose to purchase the X4 or the X8. Siglon is among one of the best performing braids we have seen at such an amazing price range.

Experience the difference and purchase a spool of Sunline Siglon PE Braid here at Fishing Tackle Shop. We deliver Worldwide.


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