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Halco Skim Stick Fishing Lure

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Product Description

Halco Skim Stick Fishing Lure

The Halco Skim stick fishing lure features one of the most innovative designs that has ever been seen. With its all new unique shape, resembling a narrow and long profiled baitfish, this fishing lure is one of the perfect choices for water anglers.

The Halco Skim Stick is a cross between a skittering popper and stick bait, which has the design of a baitfish. When thrown in the waters, the stick imitates a prey that is fleeing and keeping out way of other lurking predators in the waters. Based on a new polymer technology, featuring different hued scales designed on the inside with holographics, the Halco Skim Stick is available in several finishing touches. Should the sun shine down on it, the bait lights up and flashes brightly, appearing more appealing to the target species. The stick can be used for a number of applications such as slow trolling and casting.

The Halco Skim Stick uses Decoy 5/0 inline hooks as the standard in all the models, which significantly improves handling and the holding ability of the lure. Once the fish is caught, there is a lesser risk to you when de-hooking.

Features and Specifications

  • Innovative design, resembling a log and narrow baitfish
  • Combines skittering popper and stick bait into one product
  • Appears as a prey in the waters, attracting fish of several species
  • Internal holographic scales
  • Stays near the surface when casted
  • Can be used for several applications such casting and slow trolling
  • Uses decoy 5/0 inline hooks as the standard in all models
  • Swimming Depth: Surface
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Hook size: 5/0
  • Length: 185 mm
  • Weight: 70g
  • Target Species, Kingfish, Giant trevally (GT), Tuna, Sailfish, Mackerel and a large range of other saltwater predators that will take a large surface fishing lure.

Note: Available in several interesting colours – Price displayed is for 1 lure only, not the whole set. Make your colour choice from our menu when ordering.



  • With its all new design imitating a baitfish, the new Halco Skim Stick fishing lure serves as both a skittering popper and stick bait lure. And this interesting design is what makes it useful in several applications such as casting and slow speed trolling.
  • The Halco Skim Stick Lure has an innovative finishing touch, based on holographic scales, giving it a realistic appearance in the blue waters.
  • With its simple winding technique, better handling and improved holding ability, the Halco Skim Stick makes fishing a convenient and fun experience.
  • The Halco Skim Stick can be used for attracting several fish species such as tuna, Wahoo, trevally and mackerel Plus so much more.

Get the Halco Skim Stick Lure; you sure cannot leave this one out of your fishing lure collection.



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