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Halco Wobbler Lure

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$6.95 - $11.95
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Halco Wobbler Lure

One of the oldest styles of metal spinning lures and still one of the best in the books, Halco has brought back this classic style lure in all of its old-school glory, and we couldn't be more stoked about it. The Wobbler's signature fish-attracting action is achieved by its unique design, which allows the lure to wobble as it moves through the water. That gives the Wobbler an incredible amount of flash and vibration, making it irresistible to fish.

Halco wobbler lures are capable of two main actions. A side-to-side wobble at slow speeds. Ideal actions for targeting species such as sooty grunter, saratoga, trout or redfin perch. Or an erratic, nearly life-like action of a fleeing baitfish when retrieved with speed. At high speed, wobblers are ideal for targeting the likes of salmon, tailor, bonito, mackerel and a wide range of other saltwater fish species. Wobbler Lures are versatile; use them to target fresh or saltwater fish.

If you're looking for a top-quality, classic metal spinning lure, look no further than the Halco Wobbler. At an affordable price, you can get your hands on one of the best old-school metal spinning lures on the market in either 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 30 grams or 40 grams sizes.

Features and Specifications

  • Wobbler Lure
  • Packet of 1 lure
  • High visibility and attraction underwater
  • Silver Colour
  • Fish shape design with a single-sided fish scale flash finish
  • It can be retrieved at a slow pace for a slight wobble or a fast pace for erratic action

Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing styles, 5-10 grams is our most popular for freshwater anglers, and 30-40 grams is our biggest seller for saltwater anglers.

Note – Price is for 1 wobbler lure only, and price will vary depending on which size you choose to order via our ordering menu.


  • The Halco Wobbler lure has an impressive underwater action that can easily be seen from fish in the distance. That effectively allows anglers more significant opportunities beyond their casting distance.
  • The primarily silver colour finish on the Halco Wobbler Lure also enhances its visibility underwater as it shimmers with the assistance of the sunlight underwater upon your retrieval, providing additional fish attraction.
  • Due to the unique slightly bent fish shape design, this lure attracts fish via sight, vibration and sound. A combination of all makes a deadly snack to a fish.
  • A versatile lure ideal for either freshwater or saltwater fishing.

Get the fish excited and purchase a Halco Wobbler Lure. Wobblers have been a favourite for over 50 years, and that's saying something. We deliver worldwide.


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