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Mikado Nihonto Fluorocabon Silk Leader (Soft)

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Product Description

Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk – Softer Style Fluorocarbon Line

One of the great challenges of Fluorocarbon fishing line is meeting anger demands. We want soft and we want durable, with exceptional abrasion resistance, while remaining invisible in the water. We want fast sinking and we also want to ensure line diameters are as small as possible. There are plenty of manufacturers competing to tick all of these boxes. Once we find one that suits us, we often find it difficult to change.

Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk is arguably the softest Fluorocarbon fishing line going around, what’s more, it sinks super-fast and is virtually invisible.

The European manufactured Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk is sold in 30-meter spools in a range of test weights from 1.2 kg/2.86 lb to 14.3 kg/31.52 lb. There’s a Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk to suit your application and we’re confident you’ll be so stunned with the feel and the results you’ll become an instant convert and will be coming back to Fishing Tackle Shop for more.

Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk ticks all the boxes. It seems they have found the magic formula for delivering ultra-soft lines that have high abrasion resistance. Considering the other features, it seems Nihonto may have found the fluorocarbon holy grail.

The benefits of soft yet abrasion resistant can never be overstated. Knots hold their integrity with soft line. Your lures also perform far better, always at peak action. Importantly, you can fish the snags and structures such as oyster racks and pylons, knowing inevitable contact with your leader will not cause disaster.

Toothy critters such as Flathead and the like, even massive specimen, have less chance of fraying your leader and steeling your lure just meters from the boat.

Get a performance fluorocarbon and fish the structure with confidence. Knowing your leader is up to the task allows you to be bolder and fish more aggressively in the hunt for your elusive trophy catch. Grab a selection of Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk breaking strains for sale now and put it to the test.


Features and Specifications

Breaking StrainDiameter
2 kg/4.40 lb 0.16 mm
2.4 kg/5.29 lb 0.18 mm
2.7 kg/5.95 lb 0.20 mm
4.6 kg/10.14 lb 0.25 mm
5.3 kg/11.68 lb 0.28 mm
6.1 kg/13.44 lb 0.30 mm
7.7 kg/16.97 lb 0.35 mm
10.2 kg/22.48 lb 0.40 mm
12.1 kg/26.67 lb 0.45 mm
  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Extremely soft
  • 30-meter spools
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Almost invisible in the water
  • Fast sinking
  • Excellent knot strength

Note: Price is for 1 spool only – Choose the size you require when ordering. Price varies depending on what break strain ration you select from our order menu.


  • Invisible line ensures easily spooked fish in hard fished locations are not intimidated off the bite because of your leader.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance allows you to fish the jagged structures with confidence.
  • Fast sinking line gets you to the strike zone faster.
  • Soft line allows for excellent knot strength and ensure maximum action from your lures making this line one to consider over other brands of traditionally hard fluorocarbon lines.

There’s one rule when it comes to Fluro leader; use the best you can afford. Nihonto Fluorocarbon Silk for sale now ticks all the boxes an outstanding fluorocarbon fishing line should. What’s more, it won’t break the bank.

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