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Jackall Chubby Deep Diver Fishing Lure

The Jackall Chubby Deep Fishing lure is considered to be one of the most popular bream lures to hit the Australian fishing scene winning many tournaments across the country including the ABT rounds. What this translates to is a lure that works, a lure that commands top shelf in a lure kit for any angler that fishes for bream.

Why stop just at bream though? The Jackall Chubby Fishing lures deep version is ideal for a wide range of other fish species too such As Australian Bass, trout, estuary perch, redfin and even flathead.

This little versatile fishing lure is a crank bait that dives to the 2 meter mark and is available in a myriad of attractive colours all proven to be successful colour patterns. The Jackall Chubby’s small size is irresistible to a vast range of saltwater estuary and freshwater fish. It swims with a wide, tight action that yells for attention when slow rolled over weed beds or when jerked along structure. An absolute brilliant master at luring prize fish.

So, if your chasing that trophy Bream in an important tournament or just having a Sunday flick for flathead down at the local lake or river the Jackall Chubby Deep Fishing lure is one you probably shouldn't go past! High Quality hooks and rings are included so just tie it on and get spinning!

Features and Specifications

  • Lure length is 38 mm
  • Lure weight 4.3 grams
  • Jackall Chubby Deep dives down to 2 meters
  • Irresistible rattle
  • Quality trebles and split rings
  • Prefect for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for fishing in lakes, dams and river systems

Note: Price is for 1 single lure only. Choose which colour you require when ordering. Multiple images are for illustration only.

Jackall Chubby Deep Buyers Guide

Lure length is 38 mm making it a bite size lure for the likes of Australian bass, bream, flathead and a whole lot more. Ideal for inland fishing scenarios our best seller bar none in the Chubby deep range is Brown Suji Shrimp. If we have some of these in stock its well worth purchasing at least one to have in your lure kit. Brown Suji Shrimp is the most popular bream lure colour on the market.

However, don’t just stop at one lure if you can help it make sure if you have all your bases covered with a selection as on one day a certain colour might work much more effectively than another due to certain conditions and scenarios. Why not consider grabbing a dark colour or 2 and then a light colour or so if your wallet allows this of course.

Popular flathead lure picks are Clear shrimp or Ghost Wagasaki. Our best seller for trout is Clear Salmon Roe Head and one of our favourites for Australian bass is AYU.


  • Chubbies are so successful on the tournament scene you know you’re buying a lure that sincerely works and has a quality of high standard.
  • The Jackall Chubby Deep is the perfect bite size for Bream and most other estuary and freshwater species.
  • Its irresistible action and rattle will help to secure your catch with its high quality sharp trebles and strong split rings.
  • The Jackall Chubby Deep is the deeper diving of the Chubby range. Diving up to a few meters down you're destined for some fantastic fishing!

See why the pros rely on this lure to win tournaments and give the Jackall Chubby Fishing Lure deep diver model a cast!


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