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Hard Body Lures


Hard Body Lures are a hit with anglers because they can mimic live bait and entice pretty much any fish species including a few names such as barra, bream, and tuna to bite on your line. On this page, there are fishing lures for sale that will let you dive deep or stick close to the water’s surface. So, whether you need cheap lures or more expensive tournament style hard bodies, you will get exactly what you need here. Buying lures online couldn’t be simpler than with the Fishing Tackle Shop.

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Small Diver Fishing Lures

Small Lures (Divers & Hardbody) – Mostly suited to light style fishing in rivers, lakes, harbours, bays etc. Fresh & Saltwater. See the range!

Large Diver Fishing Lures

Med - Large Lures (Divers & Hardbody) – Mostly suited to Saltwater fishing, bluewater, cod and barra style fishing but click this category for more info.

Surface Lures - Small

Small Surface Lures – Mostly for freshwater & Saltwater fishing on light gear. See here for info.

Surface Lures - Medum/Large

Med - Large Surface Lures - Fizzers, Poppers, stickbaits and more for barra, saltwater & bluewater fishing. See here for full details.



Small Diver Fishing Lures – Pick from an array of smaller hard body lures for angling in bays, lakes, rivers, and other locations. We cover leading fishing brands such as Ecogear, Halco, and Rapala plus so many more.

Large Diver Fishing Lures – A vast range of hard bodies can also be found in our section devoted to large diver fishing lures. These provide extra size for when you need more bulk. Choose from the likes of Williamson Lures, Storm, Rapala, Halco lures and more.

Small Surface Lures – Find a small fishing lure designed to perform on the surface of the water. These lures can help you excel in a range of places, from estuaries and lakes to bays etc.

Large Surface Lures – These hard bodied lures have been designed with popping or hardcore saltwater surface fishing in mind. Halco, Kokoda, and River2Sea are just three of the great brands on offer. Buy these fishing lures online to catch GT, trevally, salmon, tailor, kingfish and more.

Check out our large range of fishing lures for sale here – We dispatch most orders within 1 business day.