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Fishing Lines & Trace


Mono Line Braid and Trace Line - Find only innovative, affordable fishing line from the world’s leading producers in our dedicated fishing line, braid and trace line section. Experience the unrivalled choice of an online fishing store that draws only superb products from the best fishing brands. The Fishing Tackle Shop is your one-stop destination for all of your fishing equipment needs.

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Teloscopic Fishing Rod & Reel Combo's

This category is where you will find our extensive range of regular monofilament fishing lines.

Braid Line Fireline & Super Line

All of our braid lines, fireline and super lines are in this category.

Trace Line And Flourocarbon

Whether it be heavy trace line, light trace or fluorocarbon trace – It’s all here


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Our top 5 most popular mono lines


Our top 5 most popular braid lines


Our top 5 most popular leader lines



Ready for Anything – With such a large selection of fishing line available, you can be prepared for angling in pretty much any situation.

Stockists of the Industry Leaders –The Fishing Tackle Shop is your first stop for Maxima fishing line, Shimano fishing line, Berkley Nanofil, Black Magic Line, Schneider line and other incredible brands. Expect to find only the best at our store.

Innovative Braided Fishing Line – The thin diameter and stretch-resistant nature of braid fishing line makes it highly effective. Choose from leading industry fishing line, including Daiwa, Fins, Fireline, Platipus, Power Pro, Rovex, and more.

Trace Line and Fluorocarbon Line –Whether you are after game fishing trace from leading brands such as Ande, or Jinkai or require an industry leading fluorocarbon leader fishing line for either heavy of light fishing applications in brands like Sunline FC Rock, Berkley Vanish to name just a couple, here at Fishing Tackle Shop we have you covered with the best brands, best range and our best price.