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Ikuza T-Rex Inchiku Jig Lures

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Product Description

Ikuza Inchiku Jig - T REX Bottom Jig slow jigging - great for boat fishing, especially to target snapper

Our best table species are often found dwelling on the bottom or just above it. The prince of all of these would have to be our Snapper. Big reds are arguably our most famous table fish and frequent menus of the best restaurants, seafood or otherwise, across Australia. Don’t pay restaurant prices when you can get yourself an Ikuza Inchiku T REX Bottom Jig and take a bag limit for yourself. The Japanese designed Ikuza Inchiku T REX jigging lure was tested extensively in Australia and the results were incredible. The T Rex proved to out fish all other lures and even beat fresh baits hands down.

The T Rex is a slow jig, and like its name sake, doesn’t need a big brain to be incredibly dominant in its environment. Slow jigging is so much easier than the significant effort required for standard jigging. In fact, all you need to do with your T Rex is get it to the desired place in the water column and put your rod in the rod holder. No back breaking lifting and dropping. The squid style skirts move brilliantly with current influence alone. The rise and fall of your boat from swell action will also see your T-Rex fishing lure working to peak spec. For those more inclined to work it themselves, a slow retrieve and drop is ideal.

Your Ikuza Inchiku jig - T REX jig will get to the bottom quickly. This is critical when fishing deep. Simply lift from the bottom, and all you need do is wait. Perfect for the angler looking for a relaxing day on the water but still keen to fill the live tank. The skirts conceal 2 chemically sharpened assist hooks that make it a little more snag resistant due to the skirt yet have excellent hook up properties. Don’t be surprised when a big Kingfish smacks it on the way down or the way up. In fact, count on it. Grab one or a selection of sizes and colours for your boat now.

Features and Specifications

  • Sizes: Choose From 90g, 110g or 135g when placing an order
  • Depth: Bottom
  • Style: Slow Jig
  • Hooks: 2 x Chemically sharpened assist style hooks

Note:Image for illustration only – Price is for 1 lure. Select a size/colour option when ordering from our menu.


  • Perfect for the lazy angler that likes fishing with lures but would rather relax than spend the day jigging hard.
  • Sinks super-fast creating more time in the strike zone.
  • The skirts provide peak action with swell and current action alone.
  • The T-Rex is a little more snag resistant due to the skirt design and strategically placed weight so you can get right amongst the structure where the fish are waiting.
  • The T-Rex provides you access to the biggest and best eating fish we have in our deeper waters.

Grab one or if your wallet allows, a selection of Ikuza Inchiku jig - T REX Bottom slow jigging jigs to suit variable fishing depths. All colours are brilliant and the action is superb. They are very affordable and no boat should be without a variety on hand.

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