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Black Magic Premier Line available in tough and supple

Black Magic Premier fishing line is available in tough and supple. With an excellent range of breaking strains from 3 to 20 kilogram, there is a Black Magic Premier line to suit your application. Rock hopper chasing big Ocean front Bream, Groper and Drummer will love the abrasion resistance of Premier Tough. All rock hopper fishermen know that their line is in for plenty of punishment from the first retrieve, fish or no fish. These three fish are hardwired to run straight for the protection of rocks, reef and bombies. This does untold damage to fishing line, and line that is poorly equipped to manage abrasion won’t last a minute and cost you fish.

Lure anglers and those looking for casting qualities and sensitivity will likely prefer the supple. Fishing weed beds, banks and drop overs is far less likely to see your line encounter line damaging snags, rocks and reef. Apart from chopper tailor, the fish you will be targeting are also not well known for their toothy bites. In these instances, mono fans are better placed to maximise lure performance with a more sensitive line. Premier Supple will certainly deliver the performance you need.

Whatever your application, Black Magic premier fishing line has you covered. Whether you choose tough or supple, performance is key and you’ll be more than happy to see such an accessible price.

Features and Specifications

Chart covers both tough (t=tough) and Supple (s=supple)

Breaking StrainMetres/SpoolLine DIA (mm), (t)-(s)
3kg+ (t)1,965, (s)2300 (t)0.25, (s)0.23
4kg+ (t)1,560, (s)1960 (t)0.28, (s)0.25
6kg+ (t)1,360, (s)1350 (t)0.30, (s)0.30
8kg+ (t)1,000, (s)1000 (t)0.35, (s)0.35
10kg+ (t)765, (s)800 (t)0.40, (s)0.38
15kg+ (t)480, (s)600 (t)0.50, (s)0.45
  • Colour: Tough = low viz green – Supple = Clear
  • Black magic premier line is low stretch in both models
  • Excellent casting properties
  • High knot strength ability
  • Abrasion Resistance rating: (tough = extreme) (Supple = High)
  • Sensitive and smooth casting

Note: Price displayed is for 1 spool only. Simply select the size you require and model when ordering from our shopping cart.


  • Choose your Black Magic Premier that is application specific. If you’re hitting the rocks and snags, go Tough and withstand the hard sharp edges.
  • If smoother casting and sensitivity are more suited to your application choose from the range of Premier Soft.
  • Both line types provide outstanding performance across spec. Spool lengths are generous and affordable.
  • Both supple and tough are coloured for stealth, both are difficult for fish to see.

Black Magic Premier tough and supple will cover most of your fishing line needs at an affordable price. This is great mono, whether you fish the rocks with live Yakka or cast lures to the shallow banks.


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