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Daiwa Treble Hooks Model DT-4600

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Product Description

Daiwa Treble Hooks model DT-4600

The Daiwa 4600 Treble Hooks are an outstanding treble design that will ensure your fishing lures perform at peak performance every cast. The swim is critical, and the less your hooks interferes with lure action the better your lure will mimic the species it was designed to mimic. The end result will be more fish.

Many a time you have scrambled around your tackle box seeking one of your old favourite minnows. The conditions are perfect for it, and as far as you can remember, apart from a few teeth marks, it was in pretty good shape. Now you’ve found it in the organised chaos you call a tackle box, the condition you had imagined it was in turns out was a little optimistic. All three trebles are looking a little on the rusty side…to say the least. You convince yourself that surely hungry fish won’t mind the taste of oxidation. You rig up and cast it, within moments you hook up. After a significant and exhausting fight on light gear a prize Tailor in excess of 5kg approaches the boat. Before you can say grab the net, he’s off. Close inspection of your lure sees two of your trebles snapped at the ring and another pulled straight. Your prize, and very significant bragging rights are gone.

If only you had kept Daiwa 4600 Treble Hooks at hand. There are many stories like this. We all have really good lures where the trebles are so bad, the lure is no longer any good to be fished. Keep several packs in appropriate sizes on hand to deal with this. Better still, purchase a pack and do a service on all of your lures that require trebles. Daiwa 4600 Treble Hooks have high penetration, are sharper, stronger and last longer. There is a great size range, so select a pack in a size to suit your lures and service them today. They’re great value and for sale now.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Daiwa Treble Hooks DT 4600
  • Lighter, sharper and stronger
  • Highly penetrative
  • Made in Japan
  • Available in seven different sizes
  • Fine wire construction
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Black chrome coated
  • Sold in packets – price is for 1 packet only so simply choose the size that best suits you when ordering


Packet Qty

SizeQty of hooks in pack
#2/0 5pcs
#1/0 5pcs
#1 6pcs
#2 6pcs
#4 7pcs
#6 7pcs
#8 7pcs
#10 7pcs


  • Brilliant for doing an overhaul on all of your lures and bringing them back to live saving you money on having to dish out on brand new lures.
  • deal for keeping in your tackle box to make sure you lure is swimming up to spec every cast. Don’t settle for any rust or bluntness.
  • The lightweight hooks allow your lures to swim at peak performance.
  • Highly penetrative hooks increase your hook up percentage.

The Daiwa 4600 Treble Hooks are high performance, outstanding hooks that will convert more casts to fish. They are strong and durable which will see them lasting longer and saving you money. Never lose fish to rusty trebles again. Buy a pack or three now.

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