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Daiwa Ballistic Fishing Reel (Small Sizes)

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Product Description

Daiwa Ballistic EX Reels ( Small sized reels - Choose from 2000 or 2500 size) Spin

Here’s a reel for the finesse anglers that love to fish light. Daiwa Ballistic EX Reels, sizes 2000 and 2500 are all about providing you a high end product in the mid end price range. The styling on the Ballistic EX is nothing short of superb, a genuine head turner. The inclusions and internals however, are just spectacular and rarely seen in a reel so affordable. This is refined fishing. The Ballistic EX will impress, even the most discerning buyer. It totally blast away the rank and file shelf filling models that pretend to offer the best of the best.

Often, beginners and newbies will purchase rock bottom. The quality they get will, of course, reflect the minimum outlay. Inferior product will often perform poorly and give a poor representation of our sport. A good idea would be for the new comer to purchase a Ballistic EX. You get most of the Daiwa brilliance at a very accessible price and all the joy and feel high end fishing kit has to offer. It is inspirational. Simply holding and operating the Ballistic is addictive, even before you’ve hooked and fought a fish.

The Daiwa Ballistic comes replete with the best of technology Daiwa has to offer. Mag Seal will keep the reel busting elements out. 9 sealed ball bearings support unbelievable smooth operation. Didgigear II, Air Rotor, Twist buster II and Tight Silent Operation combine to give the Ballistic EX impeccable handling and manners. From its awesome casting ability, to the water tight, super strong drag, The Daiwa Ballistic EX is an affordable reel of class and distinction wrapping market leading technology into a Zaion Body, incredibly strong yet as light as it gets in the reel class.

Features and Specifications

  • 9+1 Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
  • Gear Ratio: 5.6:1
  • Includes Daiwas exclusive features: ABSII, Twistbuster II, Real Stopper, Digigear II & Real four
  • Body material: Zaion
  • Air bail and rotor
  • Daiwa Mag Seal for additional protection against elements
  • Drag: Waterproof
  • Anti reverse: Infinite

Model Specific Features

Model: Daiwa Ballistic 2000 EX

  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Max Drag: 4kg
  • Approx Monofilament line capacity: 190m/6lb or 150m/8lb;
  • Approx Braid Capacity: PE 1(approx 10lb)/200m or 1.5 (approx 15lb)/150m

Model: Daiwa Ballistic 2500 EX

  • Weight: 245grams
  • Drag: 7kg
  • Approx Monofilament line capacity: 200m/8lb or 150m/12lb
  • Approx Braid Capacity: PE 1.5 (approx 15lb)/200m or PE 2 (approx 20lb/150m)

Other Sizes: If the 2000 or 2500 ballistic is too small for your needs we also have larger models for sale here

Fishing applications and rod selection guide

The Daiwa Ballistic 2000 or Ballistic 2500 whichever you choose to order are perfect for hunting trout, bass and Yellow belly in the Fresh and Ideal for Bream, Flathead and whiting in the Saltwater as a couple of prime examples and as such we would suggest using a light 6-7ft rod with a rating of anywhere from 1-4kg for the 2000 size and 2-5kg for the 2500 size. A graphite rod will give you the best balance and action. For more assistance on choosing a rod should you need one simply get in touch with our staff.



  • The super strong drag allows you to handle the larger of species, should you be lucky enough to hook one.
  • The Daiwa top shelf technology combines to provide you with an unrivalled fishing experience.
  • The casting prowess is phenomenal, thanks to Twist Buster II and Air Bail. And when you do hook up, sinking the hooks is a breeze thanks to the Infinite Anti- Reverse .
  • You can fish with total confidence knowing your ballistic reel is well equipped to handle the most aggressive of your target species.
  • Mag Seal keeps the elements out. You will be using your Daiwa Ballistic reel for years to come, getting the same, consistent performance as the day you took it out of the box.

There’s nothing quite like a bargain and when you get your head around the list of technological inclusions in the Daiwa Ballistic EX, you will find it very difficult to pass up. It is a credit to Daiwa and their loyalty to their customers that such an outstanding reel can be offered at such an affordable price. Get yours now. You’ll be hooked the moment you take it out of the packaging. The Daiwa Ballistic EX Reels is where high end class meets affordable pricing.



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