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Berkley Powerbait Rib Shad Fishing Lures - 4.5 Inch

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Product Description

Packet of Berkley Power Bait rib shads – 4.5 inch Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (pack of 5 lures)

The Berkley Powerbait 4.5 inch rib shad is one very versatile soft plastic fishing lure that allows multiple retrieve styles. This versatility is enhanced by its suitability to fishing shallow or deep. The tail of the shad is totally irresistible to fish and the ribs create a fantastic vibration that compels your target to investigate from quite some distance away whether you land based or floating about on your favourite vessel.

Often when a swimming style is not working we change our lures so we can experiment with a different action. A Power Bait rib shad lure does away with this requirement. Hop it, Jig it, lift it, you can try a high speed role and you can jerk it. The tail will always swim perfectly and prove totally irresistible to your target. If one retrieve style is not getting the results you want, try another. Often the difference between no fish and bagging out can be a change in retrieve.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better than this , you will be excited to know that the Power Bait rib shad fishing lure comes charged with the exclusive Power Bait Scent and Flavour. As if this lure wasn’t deadly enough, they go and charge it with a deadly scent, proven time and again to attract more fish. More importantly however, Power Bait makes fish hold onto the bait 18 times longer than without the scent. This gives you a real break with reaction times. A delay in strike is far less likely to cost you a hook up.

The amazing versatility of the Power Bait 4.5 inch rib shad makes it a genuine contender for the top drawer of your tackle box. Species such as Snapper, Barra, Mulloway, kingies and cod from the depths will find the Power Bait 4.5 inch rib shad just too good to pass up. Don’t you pass it up either, grab a pack or purchase a selection of colours if your budget allows, and whack them in your trolley.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Powerbait Rib Shad
  • Length: 4.5 inches
  • Jig Head: We recommend a jig head with a hook size of between 2/0-4/0
  • PowerBait charged Scent
  • Depth: both shallow and deep

Note: Price is for a packet of 5 lures - Images are for illustration purpose only



  • Designed to be worked in deep and shallow applications so you can target a variety of fish species with ease. The 4.5 inch size also makes it a versatile lure for targeting a broad range of fish.
  • Designed to be worked with a varsity of retrieve styles.
  • The ribs, tail and PowerBait work together as a deadly fish attracting trio.
  • Come in a handy value pack of 5 lures giving you value for money.

The Powerbait rib shad commands some space in your tackle box. Whether its Tuna or Snapper or Mulloway on the target list, it matters not. The Power Bait 4.5 inch rib shad is your go to bait for all of them. Fish it deep or fish the surface, jig it or role it. It doesn’t matter. The fish will come from miles away to see what the fuss is all about. And sure enough, they’ll ask the question…with their gob! Grab a packet of rib shad lures now.

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