Berkley Gulp Grub 2.5 inch

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Berkley Gulp Grub Lures - 2.5 Inch Model

Get ready to become the talk of the underwater world as the fish you target have no choice but to acknowledge your trickery when you brandish the Berkley Gulp Grub Lures, measuring 2.5 inches! Fish will wonder in amazement as you competently outwit them with the irresistible action and trademark scent of the Berkeley Gulp grub lures. If fish could speak, they might just label you as a grub!

Show the bream, flathead, trout, and bass that they're not the solitary schemers in the lakes and rivers! With your alluring soft bait grub poised for action, demonstrate that true dominance is in the hands of those anglers who choose to rig up with a Berkley Gulp Grub Lures - 2.5 Inch Model attached to their fishing line.

The 2.5-inch Gulp grub is a versatile asset in your lure bag and is especially effective in inshore fishing scenarios. Its size perfectly appeals to a plethora of freshwater and saltwater fish species. Whether your targets are elusive like the Australian bass or bold predators like flathead, the 2.5-inch Gulp grub is your ultimate curly-tailed ally, adept at tempting even the most hesitant fish and fascinating larger opportunistic species into taking a strike.

The Berkley Gulp Grub Lures - 2.5 Inch Model, released in 2023, has altered the inshore grub tail game. Its larger 6-inch counterpart, adept at snaring snapper, barra, mulloway, and other sizable species, has been available for a while.  Now The smaller 2.5-inch model offers fresh opportunities for inshore fishing and targeting plate-sized catches. For instance, Australian bass, which frequently encounter many hardbody lures from the ever-increasing volume of new anglers, may find a more naturally presented bait irresistible, making the difference between merely rejecting your lure or eagerly seizing it.

Infused with Berkley's famous Gulp formula, these lures are incredibly adaptable and release a scent that any fish would find hard to resist. This gulp scent provokes a feeding response in fish, ensuring they grip the lure longer, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

Gulp grubs are entirely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, a significant advantage that we, as anglers, should appreciate and uphold for the sake of our environment. That is an excellent reason to buy a pack of Gulp instead of other market options made of plastic.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Gulp grub 2.5 inch (approx. 6.35cm)
  • Quantity per pack: 10 lures
  • Made from biodegradable material
  • Features Berkley's Gulp scent formula
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Soft bait style fishing lure

Please be aware that the price displayed is for a single packet only. The multiple images shown are purely for illustrative purposes.

Is the Berkley Gulp Grub Lures - 2.5 Inch Model suitable for saltwater and freshwater fishing?

Yes! 2.5 inch grubs are designed to be highly effective in both freshwater and saltwater environments. So, whether you're targeting bass, trout or redfin in the freshwater or Flathead, whiting, bream or other inshore species in the saltwater, you can't go wrong with the 2.5-inch Gulp grub.

What colours are available in the Berkley Gulp Grub Lures - 2.5 Inch Model?

Colour options include camo, better oil, moebi, bloodworm, starry night, and pearl white (each colour is sold separately). Bloodworm has been a favourite among our soft plastic lure brands. We highly recommend getting a variety of colours, with bloodworm being one of the essential choices to consider.

What jig head size is recommended for the 2.5-inch Gulp grub?

The ideal size of the jig head varies based on factors like water depth, current conditions, and the targeted species. We suggest a jig head equipped with a #2 hook for the hook size.

Is the Gulp scent formula used in the 2.5-inch model just as effective as in the larger sizes?

The scent formula of the Berkley Gulp grub lures is consistently effective across all sizes. This exclusive fishing attractant formula sets Gulp apart as the top choice among other soft bait brands. The difference lies in the targeted species. The 2.5-inch model is designed for smaller inshore fish, making it an excellent option for anglers who frequently fish in lake and river systems.

What action does the 2.5-inch Gulp grub have?

The 2.5-inch Gulp grub has a natural swimming action that, when retrieved, sends the curled tail into a tantalising, enticing action. This action makes the curled tail irresistible to fish species in freshwater and saltwater inshore environments. Whether using a slow or fast retrieve, the 2.5-inch Gulp grub will still maintain its attractive movement that drives fish crazy.

What other sizes does the Gulp grub come in?

Apart from the 2.5-inch, there is also a 6 Inch Grub model for sale for larger species such as snapper, barramundi and mulloway.

Tips and Tricks for Using the Berkley Gulp Grub Lures - 2.5 Inch Model

  • Experiment with various retrieval speeds to determine the optimal one for your target species.
  • Use a lightweight jig head to maintain proximity to the bottom and create a natural, enticing motion. By opting for a lighter jig head, the 2.5-inch gulp grub can also stay in a more upright position. This allows for more hits if you pause during the retrieve.
  • Explore different depths and structures, such as weed beds, drop-offs, or rocky areas, to identify the most active fish locations.
  • Attempt jigging the Gulp Grub near the sandy regions for Flathead or employing a slow rolling technique around structures for Bream.

Buying Berkley Gulp Grub Lures 2.5 inch model online

At the fishing tackle shop, we keep our inventory well-stocked. Although we usually place new supplier orders monthly, if you want to purchase the Berkley Gulp Grub Lures 2.5-inch model, now's the time to act! Buy them online today at our best online deal while stocks last. Don't risk having to wait for the next shipment - act now!


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