Berkley Gulp Minnow Grub 3 Inch

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Berkley Gulp Minnow Grub Lures – 3 inch (Packet)

If there is one thing you should have in your tackle kit if yellowbelly fishing  is a pack of gulp minnow grubs. Just about any golden perch angler will tell you should you question them on what the best yellowbelly lures are will reply that a black minnow grub is one that should demand position in your lure kit.

But it the 3 inch minnow grub lures is not just all about yellowbelly, this little versatile lure works amazingly for those who chase Australian bass, redfin and other perch species in the freshwater and for those who fish in the saltwater expect bream and flathead to be key targets on whatever colour you may choose.

The 3 inch gulp minnow grub is a curl tail style soft lure which is one of the oldest design styles of soft bait on the market and there is a very good reason they are still around. They catch fish no matter which action you impart to them be it cast and wind, cast and hop, vertical jig, you name it.

Gulp minnow grubs are an ideal choice for the angler just trying soft baits for the first time or are new to soft baits and still learning the techniques. The impressive action that is imparted by the tail as the lure is moved through the water column makes it very simple and easy to use hence being an excellent choice for the novice angler but in saying this it’s not just a soft bait tailored to the beginner it’s also a lure favoured amongst competition anglers. So, whether you are a novice just trying soft baits for the first time or a much more advanced angler it’s worth having a packet of Gulp minnow grubs in your tackle kit.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Gulp Minnow Grub
  • Size: 3 inch
  • 1x Pack = 11pcs
  • Amazing scent dispersion – upto 400 times stronger than standard soft plastic baits
  • Made from natural ingredients (they are completely biodegradable)
  • Ideal for fishing in river and lake systems – Saltwater or Freshwater
  • Popular fish targets include, bream, flathead, Australian bass, redfin, yellowbelly and more.
  • Biggest selling colour – particularly for yellowbelly is the black minnow grub.
  • Amazing tail action especially when rigged on heavier jig heads
  • Ideal for novice  anglers new to soft baits or for advanced anglers
  • Recommended hook size - jig head: Size 1 – 1/0 hook.


  • An excellent versatile lure choice for a cross between freshwater and saltwater fishing styles. You can catch an array of freshwater species or salt on the one single lure design.
  • A minnow style body combined with a grub tail is a perfect marriage of action. The tail especially gives off an extremely impressive action when moving through the water column that any fish will find hard to resist.
  • Comes in a handy size pack offering excellent value for money compared to some other brands of soft baits.
  • Being biodegradable it helps protect our waterways and ecosystem compared to conventional soft plastic lures that sit in our waterways forever.

With up to 400 times more scent dispersion and an amazing action it really is worth having a packet of gulp minnow grub lures in your tackle kit. Purchase a pack here today, they are affordably priced.


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