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Berkley Bream Lure Kit

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Product Description

Berkley Bream Lure Kit

It’s time to head out Breaming with a set of proven Bream lures that will also attract just about every other scaled critter across the inshore fishing grounds. The Berkley Bream Lure Kit is ideal for the fishing newbie or long time natural bait traditionalist looking to explore the incredible world of artificials. Berkley have selected a trio of fabulous looking minnows that will cover much of the water column ensuring you have access to some classy Bream wherever they may be swimming.

Quality components, actions and finishes ensure these select Bream magnets will bring you success on your early ventures with artificials. All have great casting qualities and are easy to use. Simple retrieve techniques and rod work will extract the best from all three. They’re rigged and ready to tie straight to your leader. All you need to do is decide where in the water column you would like to try first.

Remember, there are any number of common species that will find these fishing lures difficult to resist. While you’re out there hunting for your Bream don’t be surprised if you get inquiries from Flathead, Chopper Tailor, and Whiting. For those fishing up stream in the brackish water there is a very good chance you might end up tackling a Bass.

Take the guess work out of choosing your lures with the Berkley Bream Lure kit. They’re for sale now and you’ll find them excellent value for money.

Features and Specifications

  • 1 X 50mm Deep Minnow
  • 1 X 50mm Shallow Minnow
  • 1 X 70mm Pencil Minnow
  • Quality hooks and hardware
  • Proven designs
  • Proven on species other than Bream

Note: Colours can vary from image



  • Your Bream kit lures will also prove very effective on other favourite species including Flathead and Bass.
  • The Choice of deep and shallow allows you to explore right through the water column as Bream in particular are known to feed from bottom to top and everywhere in between.
  • Ideal for the newbie angler, kids in particular, keen to experiment with the benefits and joy of fishing with lures.
  • The minnow design is a genuine classic. It has been proven in so many applications and you will find this lot particularly good with our ubiquitous Bream.

The Berkley Bream Lure kit is an ideal starting point for the newbie venturing out into the world of hard body lures. The quality inclusions represent outstanding value for money and a sure to enhance the fishing experience for newbie and old hand alike.

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