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Nomad Dartwing Surface Lure: An Aerodynamic, Long-Casting Shape-Shifter

A new plug is exploding onto Australia's vast coastal scene and threatening to shake the estuarine status quo. Introducing the devious Nomad Dartwing Lure, an ingeniously winged surface slayer built to adapt like a chameleon.

Shaped like a teeny torpedo with specialised fins, this mini-missile glides aerodynamically through the air before touching down lightly as a feather. Don't let its size fool you - all hell breaks loose once retrieved. Burn it fast and watch the wings kick in, sending the Dartwing darting unpredictably like a wounded fish—slow things down for a subtle side-to-side swim that entrances fish with its delicate, irresistible movement.

Either way, the innovative winged design of the Nomad Dartwing Lure causes chaos, from the flash and disturbance of its frantic pace to the finesse of its gentle sashay. The result? Fish dropping their guard to attack with primal urgency.

Crafted for Casting Distance

Built for effortless distance casting on light braided fishing lines, the Dartwing 70mm lure weighs only 3.5g but features rear weighting to slice through the air easily. The aerodynamic head is designed to be ultra-stable in flight for pinpoint accuracy. This lightweight champion will have you covering more territory to locate fish.

Match-the-Hatch Mastery 

The Dartwing was engineered to match a variety of forage, making it highly adaptable depending on fishing conditions and species in the area. Burn it back fast with aggressive twitches to imitate a fleeing prawn or baitfish. Slow down for a subtle “walk-the-dog” side-to-side swerve that drives the fish mad. The special winged head causes unique body roll, flash and disturbance.

Supremely Durable

Constructed from the most durable materials and sporting razor-sharp BKK treble hooks, the Dartwing is ready to catch fish after fish with a low chance of failure. Backed by Nomad’s reputation for quality manufacturing, it holds up to the smashing strikes of Australia’s strongest sportfish.

Deadly on Bream and Whiting

Bream and whiting specialists will fall in love with the Dartwing for its ability to entice fish hovering below the surface. The slim profile and specialised wing design trigger reflex strikes from fish accustomed to targeting vulnerable baitfish and shrimp in the shallows. It also shines for flathead in the shallows, bass and other opportunists.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Surface fishing lure
  • Size: 70mm
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Tackle: rigged with BKK treble hooks (1x #14 and 1x #12)
  • Weight: Approximately 3.5 grams

Please Note: The price is for one lure only. You can choose a model when you place your order.

Nomad Dartwing Lure FAQ

What types of fish will the Nomad Dartwing Lure catch?

The versatile Dartwing design effectively targets bream, whiting, flathead, bass and other inshore species that feed on the surface and in shallow areas. Its specialised design and slim profile are perfect for mimicking baitfish and eliciting reflex strikes.

How should I work the Nomad Dartwing Lure?

The Dartwing can be worked in several ways depending on the species you’re targeting and conditions. Burn it back fast with aggressive twitches to imitate a fleeing prawn or baitfish. You can also slow down your retrieve for a subtle “walk-the-dog” side-to-side action to trigger vicious strikes. Mix your retrieval techniques until you find what’s working best on a given day or location.

What colours do Nomad Dartwing Lures come in?

A well-chosen lure colour can make all the difference on tough, pressured fish. The Nomad Dartwing’s specialised wing design already gives you a leg up for tempting finicky biters, and dialling in the right colour amps up your odds even further.

Lucky for you, we carry all the most popular colours engineered by the top minds at Nomad Design. The 70mm size colours we stock can include AG Aqua Ghost, GGB Ghost Green Bandit, HGS Holo Ghost Shad, HPSR Holographic Purple Shrimp, and SAR Sardine. Each colour is sold separately.

Ready, Set, Purchase A Nomad Dartwing Fishing Lure

Ditch the one-trick-pony lures and buy a Nomad Dartwing – your new inshore MVP. This 70mm powerhouse mimics baitfish and even fleeing shrimp with a tweak of your retrieve. Watch bream and whiting explode on its surface dance, or finesse a slow "walk-the-dog" for those finicky fish.

Fishing Tackle Shop's got your Dartwing fix at prices that won't scare the fish or you away. Purchase a Nomad Dartwing Lure today!


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