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Achieve Maximum Vibration with a Nomad Vertrex Lure.

The Vertrex vibe from Nomad Fishing utilises a uniquely contoured body to deploy intense vibrations that entice fish from all habitats. Meticulously refined through rigorous testing, the Nomad Vertrex lure combines amplified vibration with fast sinking for unrivalled effectiveness across various freshwater and saltwater fish species.

Built for Performance

The  Nomad Vertrex Lure features an extra-deep design that transmits higher frequency vibrations and drops quickly, thanks to strategic weighting placement. It maintains a straight descent, rapidly reaching the strike zone compared to erratic spinning lures. Crafted from durable TPE plastic, Nomad Vertrex fishing lures shield relatively well against abrasion and bites.

Optimised Vibe Lure Action

Subtle lifts of your fishing rod tip impart tantalising quivers, making it perfect for tempting inactive fish. Crank up the retrieve to activate an aggressive darting movement that triggers predator reaction strikes. The Nomad Vertrex lure remains versatile across techniques – from gentle bottom hops to fast rips through the water column.

Catch fish in freshwater or saltwater!

With its wide-ranging vibration frequencies, the Vertrex appeals to numerous sportfish species - from bream cruising the flats to snapper prowling offshore reefs. Extensive testing by the Nomad Design team shows the Vertrex can tempt predators across diverse fisheries, from freshwater impoundments holding bass and barra to saltwater beaches and bays where they trevally roam.

Nomad Design Australia

Nomad Design is an award-winning Australian fishing gear company renowned for innovative products that improve anglers' success. The Nomad Vertrex lure exemplifies the team’s commitment to research and development to maximise a lure's fish-catching potential. Their reputation for hardcore field testing and a steadfast focus on performance above all else has earned Nomad Design a passionate following globally.

Features and Specifications

  • Vibe fishing lure for freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Extra-deep contoured body for maximum vibration
  • Weighted internals for straight sinking
  • Durable TPE plastic construction
  • Fitted with strong BKK treble hooks

Please note: All images of the lures are for illustration purposes only. The price is for a single unit only and can vary depending on the model you add to your cart.

Models We sell

At our fishing tackle shop, we carry the following Vertrex Lures For Sale:

Vertrex Max 75

  • 75mm
  • Weight: Approx 11 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Diving Depth: The ideal working depth is to a maximum of 15 metres
  • Tackle: 2x BKK Size 8 Treble hooks
  • Target Fish: Bream, Bass, redfin, yellowbelly and other perch species, flathead and other light classes of fish

Vertrex Max 95

  • 95mm
  • Weight: Approx 25 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Diving Depth: The ideal working depth is to a maximum of 25 metres
  • Tackle: 2x BKK Size 6 Treble hooks
  • Target Fish: yellowbelly, cod, snapper, threadfin salmon, Australian bass, snapper, flathead and a wide range of other light-intermediate size classes of fish

Vertrex Max 110

  • 110mm
  • Weight: Approx 36 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Diving Depth: The ideal working depth is to a maximum of 25 metres
  • Tackle: 2x BKK Size 4 Treble hooks
  • Target Fish: yellowbelly, cod, snapper, threadfin salmon, snapper, flathead, trevally, queenfish, fingermark, and many other medium-weight fish.

Vertrex Lure FAQs

Why does the Vertrex vibrate more intensely than other lures?

Its deeper body shape, amplified by strategic weight placement, creates greater vibration frequency across all retrieve speeds.

Can I use the Nomad Vertrex lure in shallow water?

You can use the Nomad Vertrex lures in shallow water. The Vertrex Max 75 is a good choice for shallow-water fishing, as it has an optimal working depth of up to 15 metres. So, whether you are fishing inshore lakes and rivers or shallow reefs offshore, the Vertrex will remain highly effective in action and performance. In shallow water, try using a slow rolling or hopping retrieve.

What rods and reels work best for Vertrex lures?

It depends on the Vertrex size and fish you're targeting. For the 75 and 95 models, we recommend a 2000-3000-sized spinning reel on a light to medium power rod spooled with an 8-15lb braid.

Step up to a 3000-4000 size reel on a medium-heavy rod loaded with a 15-20lb line for the Vertrex 110 targeting larger species. Of course, this is only a general guide, and there are varying circumstances and individual preferences to consider.

What Vertrex colours are available?

Our range of Nomad Vertrex colours will vary occasionally as new lines come in and old models go. However, some high-performance colours worth a mention include AG Aqua Ghost, BM Bleeding Mullet, CROK Croaker, HGS Holo Ghost Shad, HPSR Holographic Purple Shrimp, MSH Mangrove Shad, TBOO The Boo and TG The Grunt.

Ready to Try Vertrex Maximum Vibration?

Bring the power of next-level vibration into your fishing technique with a Nomad Vertrex lure. This uniquely contoured soft vibe lure deploys intense fish-attracting pulses unmatched by standard soft vibe lures. Take your chance to own the future of soft vibe technology.

Add one or more Vertrex to your tackle box by ordering today at With over 19 years of order processing experience across Australia and globally and competitive prices, we make enhancing your catch rates with Nomad's latest innovations and our other soft vibe lures easier than ever.


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