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Take on the Pelagics with the Nomad Riptide Lure

The Riptide stickbait from Nomad Sportfishing represents the pinnacle of specialist lures crafted to battle Australia's offshore and coastal powerhouse fish species. Meticulously honed through countless hours of on-water testing and refinement, the Nomad Riptide lure combines the perfect synergy of casting distance, action, profile and brute strength. No other stickbait on the market delivers this fine-tuned excellence for taking on hard-charging tuna, kingfish, mahi mahi and more.

Constructed Tough

The Riptide stickbait features Nomad's Matrix Metal plate tech for precise balancing of strength, heavy-duty ABS plastic resistant to nicks and scratches, robust through-wire construction to handle crushing bites and high-density foam that maintains buoyancy and action after the most punishing encounters.

Drive Fish Crazy

Retrieve the Nomad Riptide Lure with a "walk the dog" technique that sees it sweep side to side, leaving pelagics hypnotised, then let the Riptide stickbait work its magic on a screaming run.

Built for Saltwater Battle

When you're facing down smoker kingies, freight train tuna or mean green GTs, you need gear designed specifically for the demands of serious bluewater fishing. From premium components to uncompromising structural integrity, the Australian-designed Nomad Riptide lure delivers battle-ready confidence other stickbait fishing lures will find hard to match.

Features and Specifications:

  • Lure Type: Stickbait Fishing Lure
  • For Saltwater Fishing
  • Where to fish: Rocks or offshore
  • Rigged with BKK Hooks

Models Available at Our Tackle Shop

We carry the following Nomad Riptide lures for sale here at the fishing tackle shop:

Riptide 155 Sinking

  • Size: 155mm
  • Weight: Approx 52 grams
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Designed for casting
  • Diving Depth: Slow sinking – subsurface on retrieve
  • Tackle: 2x BKK Diablo Five strength Singles in size 4/0
  • Ideal for offshore sport and game fish such as tuna, trevally, wahoo, mahi mahi, Kingfish and other large fish.

Nomad Riptide Lure FAQs

Why choose the Nomad Riptide Lure over other stickbait lures?

The Riptide was born and bred for battling Australia's pelagic bruisers. From its thoughtfully balanced weighting to unrelenting construction, this locally designed stickbait is in a class of its own for taking on our most hard-charging offshore and coastal gamefish species.

What retrieves work best for the Riptide?

A slow "walk the dog" technique allowing the lure to sweep side to side often drives fish wild. You can also impart sharp twitches, pauses, or a fast and erratic cranking technique. Experiment until you unlock the ideal triggering action for the day's conditions!

What Colour does the Nomad Riptide Lure Come in?

After consulting with the team at Nomad and asking for their pick of best-selling colours, we've selected to sell the most popular fish-producing Riptide colours for Australian waters. Some of the top options include:
CT Coral Trout, HGS Holo Ghost Shad, OBS Olive Back Shad, RBT Red Bait, SAR Sardine and SGM Silver Green Mackerel

Please note that each lure/colour is sold separately. Prices may vary depending on the model you choose to order.

Take on the Bluewater Gladiators – Buy A Nomad Riptide Fishing Lure

The Nomad Riptide delivers everything you need to prevail against Australia's saltwater powerhouse fish that overwhelm ordinary lures. Bring the heat into your next fishing session with a thoughtfully honed stickbait designed by local experts for local conditions.

Buy a Nomad Riptide today from our online store. With over 19 years of experience processing online orders across Australia and competitive prices, we make it easy to get your hands on these top-performing stickbaits.


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