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Nomad Madscad Stickbait Lure For Sale

Buckle up, anglers, because I'm about to reel in a tale of the Nomad Madscad, a potent lure that will have fish begging for mercy (or at least a photo op). Forget your run-of-the-mill stick baits – this Aussie-designed champion is a weapon of mass fish destruction when fished in sun-drenched waters.

Think of it like a disco ball for predators:

Twitch it, jerk it, or let it shimmy down like a sequinned Elvis, and fish will come crashing in, hypnotised by its side-to-side boogie. Kingfish? Tuna? Mahi-mahi? Like sharks at a Barbie, they'll all be lining up for a piece of the Nomad Madscad Lure action.

Built tough like a brick:

HD ABS plastic and Gorilla Through Wire form the core construction of the Madscad. This lure laughs in the face of toothy grins and reef bruises, emerging from the fray like a battle-scarred warrior, ready for round two.

And the hooks?

Forget rusty nails; we're talking top-shelf BKK Diablos, chemically sharpened to pierce like lightning and hold on like a koala on a eucalyptus branch. No dodgy fight-ending fumbles here, mate.

The Madscad Fishing Lure is like the Gandalf of lures:

Full of wisdom and experience, passed down through countless fish-filled days by the Nomad product testing and development crew. Every twitch and shimmy whispers confidence in your cast and catch potential.

Features and Specifications:

  • Lure Type: Stickbait
  • Buoyancy: Sinking
  • Running depth: Sub Surface
  • Built for saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for casting
  • Use off the boat, rocks or shore
  • Rigged with BKK Diablo Hooks
  • Gorilla Through Wire Construction
  • Built with HD ABS Plastic
  • Triple Shield Paint Protection

Models We sell

The Madscad are built for Aussie bluewater brawls, and we at Fishing Tackle Shop have the perfect models available for sale to meet the demands of Aussie anglers.

Madscad 115

  • 115mm
  • Weight: Approximately 42 grams
  • Profile size: Medium
  • Ideal for casting
  • Diving Depth: Subsurface when retrieved
  • Tackle: 2x BKK Diablo Five strength Singles in size 3/0
  • Ideal for coastal and offshore sport and game fish such as Giant trevally and other species, wahoo, mackerel, mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, coral trout, kingfish, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of fishing can I use the Nomad Madscad Lure for?

Think buffet for fins! This bad boy's a casting and trolling champ, reeling in pelagics like tuna, kingfish, and mahi-mahi like they're going out of style. But don't underestimate its shallow-water skills – shallow reef dwellers tremble at the Madscad’s shimmy.

Whether you're on a boat, on a beach, or rocking the rock platforms, the Madscad's got what it takes. It's like a one-lure army, ready to conquer just about any coastal saltwater fishing scene.

What is the best way to fish a Madscad?

Anglers can trigger fish bites by twitching at varied paces to produce an erratic wounded baitfish action or using a steady rolling retrieve. Experimentation is advised to determine which method works best on a particular day or location.

How durable is the Madscad construction compared to other hard body lures?

With tough Gorilla Through Wire construction and HD ABS bodies, Madscads are highly resistant to destruction. While not quite indestructible, the triple-shield paint resists chipping, while the interior components enable these lures to take repeated beatings in the strike zone.

What Colours do Madscad Lures come In?

Here at the fishing tackle shop, we stock a vibrant coral reef's worth of colours, but the selection shifts like the tide. Check out our drop-down menu for the latest fishy fashion parade!

I love the classic OBS Olive Back Shad lure! Its realistic yakka/scad appearance will make it irresistible to hungry pelagic fish like kingfish and mackerel. Seriously, please look at this lure in Olive Back Shad colour and tell me it doesn't look amazing! If I were a fish, I would go for it!"

Check out the SAR Sardine or SGM Silver Green Mackerel for other eye-catching colour options. Imagine a shimmering spectacle underwater that catches the eye of every fish around. It's a feast for the senses, sure to hypnotise any hungry fish nearby.

Dive into our full-colour spectrum and find your perfect Madscad match! The hunt starts now!

Is the Price displayed for the whole range of lures?

The price on our listing is for one Nomad Madscad fishing lure. Please note that the multiple images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. Each size and colour is priced and sold separately. The price may vary depending on the specific model you choose to purchase.

Buy a Nomad Madscad Lure

Ditch the lure box roulette and buy a Nomad Madscad Lure. It's not just about catching fish (although it's good at that); it's about the heart-pounding fight, the pure satisfaction of outsmarting a beast of the deep, and the memories etched in saltwater spray and shared smiles.


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