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Nomad Buffalo Jig For Sale – Experience Offshore Jigging the Buffalo way

Imagine the crackle of 100m of line ripping off your spool. Out of the cobalt depths below erupts a giant-sized snapper, eyes ablaze, its cavernous jaws engulfing your jig in one explosion of power. Your heart hammers as the monster-sized snapper peels the line off your drag faster than lightning. What brute force! What fury below the waves!

That is the potential heart-pounding chaos unleashed by the Nomad Buffalo Jig. Meticulously engineered to rouse snapper, coral trout, trevally, kingfish, tuna and more from their lairs, this expert slow-pitch performer is balanced perfectly at its core for ultra-impressive action.

With each drop, the Nomad Buffalo Jig Lure plummets into the abyss easily, each descent setting off the predator’s radar with an irresistible flutter and shake. Like an underwater siren song, the Nomad Buffalo lure’s dance proves impossible for any reef beast to resist.

The Nomad Buffalo Jigs razor BKK hooks find their mark when that underwater freight train smash comes. Now comes the real battle! Stand tall, angle the rod, and don’t even think of grabbing the spool. It’s a hunter versus sea monster on the blue battlefield, with one warrior emerging. Will today see YOUR name etched into fishing lore? Buy a Nomad Buffalo Jig and find out!

Features that Reel You In

Fluttering fall: The Buffalo's natural descent is impressive.  Opening the bail arm of your spinning reel or free spooling your overhead reel will send the Nomad Buffalo Jig spiralling down, a shimmering beacon in the gloomy water column.

Fast sink rate: The Nomad Buffalo jigging lure cuts through the water column, reaching the reef structure where fish hold quickly and efficiently, all with an enticing action on the fall.

Predator-proven colours: Nomad's colour palette is battle-tested on Aussie waters, from the blood-red Crimson Tide to the ghostly Full Pink Glow.

BKK hooks: Razor-sharp, super strong, built for tough offshore fishing battles.

Versatility: Catch Snapper, morwong, coral trout, trevally. The Nomad Buffalo is a magnet for a huge range of bottom-dwelling fish. However, Buffalo can even tempt pelagic predators like kingfish and tuna.

Sizes we sell:

  • 40g (fitted with BKK twin assist hooks size 14)
  • 60g (single 1/0 5X strength BKK Assist hook)
  • 80g (single 2/0 5X strength BKK Assist hook)
  • 120g (single 2/0 5X strength BKK Assist hook)

Please note that each jig and size is priced individually. Please select the Buffalo jig model you require when purchasing with us online.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the best way to fish the Nomad Buffalo Jig?

For optimal action, we recommend a slow-pitch jigging technique. Allow the lure to flutter down into the strike zone, then wind the lure back in a consistent manner. The rod does not require aggressive jerking motions for slow-pitch jigging. This allows the Buffalo to entice with its natural shimmy and shake.

However, there is no reason why you cannot employ traditional jigging methods. The Nomad buffalo jig is quite versatile. You can rip and jig it hard and erratic or burn this lure as an aggressive minnow to excite pelagics.

What Buffalo Jig colours are best?

Before stocking Nomad lures, we asked Nomad Design for hard data on the best-performing colours based on customer usage and re-order rates.

The results? Overwhelmingly, tackle shops are continuously ordering, and anglers seem to be having outstanding success with four key colours: Crimson Tide (CRT), Full Pink Glow (FGP), Sardine (SRD) and Silver Glow (SG).

The fishing tackle shop has a range of Buffalo jigs in different sizes and colours based on Nomad’s advice. As new data becomes available and sales trends change, we will update our range of Buffalo jig colours accordingly.

What Size Buffalo Jig Should I use?

Various factors may determine which jig size you should use, from the day's conditions to the target species. Generally:

40g and 60g: Ideal for shallow reefs and smaller reef fish.

80g and 120g: Perfect for large snapper, morwong, coral trout, and medium-sized predators. Catching kingfish, trevally, or tuna is possible using the larger sizes.

Does the fishing tackle shop sell and recommend other Jigs?

Here at the fishing tackle shop, we stock an extensive range of affordable, high-performance jigging lures for sale. Every fishing scenario differs, so we don’t limit our range to one model or brand.

While the Nomad Buffalo takes centre stage as one of our top slow-pitch performers for tempting Aussie reef dwellers, we encourage anglers to shop our full range of jigging lures for sale to unlock even more potential offshore.

Load up your jig bags with a balanced spread of shapes, weights, and styles to be well-prepared for every offshore fishing scenario!

Buy A Buffalo Jig – They’re affordable

score premium offshore fishing performance without premium prices. Nomad builds the Buffalo to hang with high-quality jigs at a fraction of the price. Don’t leave your bank account to a watery grave; Order Nomad buffalo Jigs.

When you purchase from our fishing tackle shop, you're dealing with a highly experienced company providing fishing equipment online to anglers since 2005.

The time is now to gain a serious tactical advantage offshore. Unleash the Nomad Buffalo Fury – Buy Now!


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