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Jackall Pompadour lure – Surface lure for cod, barra, saratoga and more

Like the Fredrick Forsyth Novel, Jackall provide all of the intrigue and mystery you could want in a surface fishing lure. The only thing is that the mystery side will be what fish grabs hold of your Jackall Pompadour not if a fish will grab hold of it. The Pompadour lure by Jackall bros mimics small amphibians, birds and large bugs as they crawl along the surface. This makes them ideally suited to the Australian rivers and impoundments way out in the fresh or where the salt meets the fresh. You will be targeting large specimens of Barra and Saratoga and other such fish that look to the surface for a feed.

These are pretty big lures so are likely to attract pretty big fish. Their action, coupled with their noise and water displacement creates a tremendous amount of incentive for monster predators to take a bite without even thinking. The casting manners are superb so you will enjoy incredible reach into the difficult to access places which is just about always where your targets will be lurking. The metal wings on the Jackall Pompadour retract for casting, ensuring the length and accuracy, then deploy on retrieve to give the walking, crawling action that makes this surface lure look so incredibly realistic. The internal rattle creates an incredibly enticing noise that works hand in glove with the splash and action.

Ideally you will be hunting the fresh for Barra, Sootie Grunter, Super size Bass and Murray Cod. They will perform exceptionally well on medium action gear and expect them to be your go-to lure for fishing the evenings and low light. The Jackall Pompadour is a must have surface lure for your next fishing adventure. Pompadour lures are for sale now and will reinvigorate your fresh water surface fishing expeditions.

Features and Specifications

  • Jackkle Pompadour Lure Sizes, Length/Weight: Senior 79mm/22g or Junior 66mm/18g
  • Type: Hard body, Top water, floating
  • Hooks: 2 x trebles, supplied
  • Designed for brackish to fresh water applications
  • Ideal for Cod, barramundi, Saratoga and more

Note: Images for reference only - price displayed is for 1 lure only. Choose size and colour when ordering


  • The metal wings create and excellent water disturbance, and coupled with the internal rattles fish can’t help themselves but investigate with determination.
  • An excellent lure for larger models of our fresh water favourites.
  • The Pompadour is an excellent lure if you’re a hunting for big Barra. Barramundi are naturally feisty and aggressive and a bigger lure will give you a shot at the ever so dreamed of metre club barra.
  • Outstanding casting manners allows you to thread the needle through all of the obstacles common in the inland rivers, creeks and impoundments.
  • This will be your best lure for Saratoga and Murray cod in snag infested waters.

Don’t head out into the fresh unless you have a Jackall Pompadour Lure through our prompt mail delivery system. Head off without them and you will miss out on potential record breaking catches.


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