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Jackall Gigantarel Lure Swimbait Lure

Giant swimbaits aren’t ‘cheap’. But their superior fish attracting power can never be overstated. Pitted against the likes of Murray Cod, Barramundi and Mulloway, the Jackall Gigantarel Lure for sale now will set you up for the purple patch of a life time.

The swimbait has a natural swimming action. A floating bait, they can dive to about a meter owing to the ‘working’ pectoral fins. These fins can also turn the fish 180 degrees with a simple slack line jerk, simulating the movements of a wounded baitfish.

At 200mm this is a big fishing lure. If you want big fish, you want to use a big lure. The Jackall Gigantarel Lure is a go-to option for hunting exceptionally large Barramundi and Murray Cod. The salt/fresh versatility ensures you are in the game for a surprise, especially fishing the salty stuff. Fancy a Kingy?

Cast it over structures, weed beds and rock formations. The S-shape swimming action created by the articulated construction is super real. Your target won’t know the difference and will bite first , asking questions later.

The integral swivel tow point is an insightful addition. Line twist is all but eliminated, ensuring each cast will be as smooth as the last. There is an additional tow point in the tail. Use your imagination and local knowledge to work out what ‘exciters’ would add further potential to your Jackall Gigantarel Lure.

Remember, these guys float. A floating swim-bait is perfect as it allows to get super close to snags and structure without trembling in fear due to less chance that you’ll fowl hook and drop a pricy lure.

They’re big. Really big. But if you want to tick off a massive Murray Cod from your bucket list, you’re going to have to fish big lures. They’re a touch under five and a half ounces, so feel free to fish up a class, without the inconvenience of diminished casting ability.

The Jackall Gigantarel Lure for sale now, rips of the shelves at lightening pace. Get yours now to avoid disappointment.

Features and Specifications

  • Type: Articulated swimbait
  • Length: 200mm
  • Weight: Approx 153 grams
  • Working Depth: 1 meter
  • Buoyancy: floating
  • Suitable for Murray cod and barramundi fishing


  • The construction and finish are first class, the likeness to real fish is superb.
  • It’s the perfect big lure for casting over structure, if a serious snag threatens a fowl up, pause and let your lure float over.
  • The articulations create a realistic swimming action, with the dorsal fins providing ‘real’ support for diving and mimicking a wounded baitfish.
  • This is the perfect lure for hunting a much larger class of fish. It’s very easy to use and snag friendly, so you can get in tight to the structure.
  • The addition of a tail tow point provides you with an option to accessorize. Pimp it up a little when conditions suggest.

The Jackall Gigantarel Lure is an inshore big fish master. Murray Cod, Barramundi and Mulloway will forgo a lazy afternoon to have a go at it. Have any big lizard hunters been listening? If you want a Flatty over the 100 mark, give the Jackall Gigantarel a shot in the muddy, rocky and weedy shallows.


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