Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier Braid Fishing Line

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RRP $34.95 - $59.95
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Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier Braid Fishing Line (available in 150 metre or 300 metre spools)

By now most anglers are familiar with Fireline. It's been an amazing line since day dot and now there is a brand new release that will take Fireline to a whole new level. This is Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier braid. A thermally fused 8 ply braid that sets a new benchmark in the fishing line market. A line that is more abrasion resistant than ever, is extremely sensitive and due to its new 8 ply construction the profile is rounder meaning Fireline 8 carrier casts further and is so much easier to control. It also means that there is a reduced chance of wind knots on the cast.

One of the biggest standouts is that testing has shown due to the Fireline now being 8 carrier it is around 4 times more abrasion resistant that the older models. This is fantastic news, it means it should last and retain its strength longer than ever and is ideal for all the anglers out there that fish around quite abrasive structure. A couple of examples include bream anglers that fish around oyster racks, rock fishos, beach anglers, and those that fish for bass or barra where snags are plenty. These are just a couple of examples but you get the drift right?

This line is tough. You'll be able to crank the drag up a little further than what you would with the old Fireline exceed and not have to worry too much about the line breaking. This allows all you anglers out there to explore grounds that you would usually be a little shy to try. Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier Line also makes a fantastic choice for anglers just getting into braid for the first time. This is a line that will boost your confidence in using braided super lines.

Available in a couple of colours (choose the colour you require when ordering). We have lo-visibility crystal which is a white colour and we have hi-vis colours such as flame green or blaze orange.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier Line – Thermally fused braid
  • Optimized for spinning reels for better casting
  • Up to 3 times stronger than monofilament line
  • Super tough and resistant to abrasion
  • 4 times stronger than regular fireline
  • Dyneema fibre construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Better at slicing through marine vegetation
  • Long casting
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Available in either crystal/white colour, flame green or blaze orange.
  • Diameters (lb/mm) 6lb/0.10mm, 8lb/0.12mm, 10lb/0.15mm, 14lb/0.18mm, 17lb/0.21mm, 20lb/0.23mm, 25lb/0.27mm, 30lb/0.29mm

Note: Images of Fireline Ultra 8 carrier line are for illustration only. Price is for 1 spool and varies depending on the size length you choose to purchase.


  • Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier braid is ultra tough, it's 4 times more stronger and abrasion resistant that the old regular fireline and 3 time stronger than the average monofilament fishing line on the market.
  • Being 8 carrier and thermally fused fireline is now rounder in profile and smoother than ever, expect to cast that little bit further and experience less chance of wind knots when casting.
  • As the line is able to cast better when you do get that little extra distance this translates to more fishing ground being covered and as you are covering more ground, you are much more likely to encounter fish.
  • Being incredibly sensitive you are better positioned to feel structure and fish strikes.
  • Fireline is made in the USA. So, you know you are getting a very high quality product.

It's time to try fireline Ultra 8. Whether you are new to braided super lines or If you have been a fan in the past and moved on to other lines you seriously have to try the new Fireline Ultra 8 Carrier line. It's taking fishing to a whole new level and it is still incredibly affordable.


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