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Fishing Hooks


Fishing Hooks For Sale in popular brand and styles – Buy online and save.

Whether you want to target bream, flathead, kingfish, salmon, tuna, or tailor and only to name a handful, the Fishing Tackle Shop exists to support your angling experience. Alongside our diverse selection of fishing reels and rods, we also have countless options among our fishing hooks. From casual fishing to game fishing, and everything in between, you will find exactly what you need in the categories below.

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Mustad Hooks For Sale – Check out our range of chemically sharpened, standard and pre pack here.

Gamakatsu Hooks

Gamakatsu Hooks in all popular models like octopus circle, octopus black, baitholder and more. See now!


Gang Hooks - Perfect for rigging pilchards and other baits - View Here.

Pakula Hooks Tackle and Rigs

Bulk Hooks for sale - See our range of cheap fishing hooks in bulk here.


Circle Hooks - Check out our range in sports circle and tuna circle.

Game Fishing Hooks

Game Fishing Hooks - See our range of game hooks here – stainless steel and more. See now.


Owner Fishing Hooks - - See the range here available to purchase online here at Fishing Tackle Shop.


Treble Hooks - Lure hooks a little rusty? Time to replace them? Check out our range for sale here.

Fishing Hooks - Other

Fishing Hooks - Other



Covering All Categories – You can prepare to catch a broad selection of fish by ordering from our  Long shanks, suicide hooks, bait holder, circle hooks, gang hooks, and treble hooks. At the Fishing Tackle Shop, we sell many of those as bulk lots to let you fill out your tackle box in just a couple of quick purchases.

Cost-Friendly Fish Hooks – For anglers who need to keep their spending low, we have some extremely cost-effective fish hook options that offer outstanding value for money. Invest in a value pack and you will have fishing hooks ready and waiting whenever you need them.

Hook Sizing - One thing to know when purchasing hooks is how they are sized. Unfortunately there is no universal size between brands and they can vary a little bit however generally anything numbered between say 1 to 12 are smaller hooks with 1 being the largest of the smaller style hooks and 12 being the smallest. So, the lager the number, the smaller the hook. However, the opposite rule applies when you get to bigger sized hooks and bigger sizes are usually marked by a slash 0  or for example 1/0, 2/0 etc. In this case as mentioned earlier it’s the opposite on size and the bigger the number the bigger the hook.  I know it’s a little confusing for some but one handy tip is to remember anything with a /   as say “1/oh that’s big”, “2/oh that’s big” etc.

Handy Guides – You will note we have started to include handy guides on our product pages for fishing hooks. So as you browse through or range of fishing hooks for sale, if you are not sure what size hook you need for a particular species then just refer to our guide on that page if we have one there. Should you need any assistance you are welcome to contact our Fishing Tackle Shop Staff and we will be glad to offer advice.