Gamakatsu Shiner hooks

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Gamakatsu Shiner Hooks

If you're looking for the ultimate hook, look no further than Gamakatsu Shiner hooks. While unique in shape, wide gap hooks may not be for everyone but are perfect for anglers who fish baits like pipis, prawns, worms, and yabbies. Gamakatsu Shiner hooks make it very easy to present your bait more effectively and vastly decrease your chance of gut hooking the fish, which is a huge advantage.

The Gamakatsu Shiner hooks are the result of years of experience and development. The hook point, edge and barb are created under unique manufacturing processes to ensure perfect sharpness and strength. Gamakatsu Shiner hooks are chemically sharpened to ensure a fine point for quicker penetration and ease in presentation.

There is no need to strike when using Shiner wide gap hooks on live baits or while you are using cut baits such as strips of mullet or mackerel. Its shape enables itself to hook fish, a feature that has made them increasingly popular with bream fisherman in both Queensland and New South Wales and King George whiting anglers in the southern parts of Australia.

The little details make all the difference, and Gamakatsu knows this. When they design their shiner hooks, you're on top of their mind because everything from quality material to fine detail is taken into consideration before manufacturing begins so that your expectations are always met with a high-quality yet consistent hook each time. It's just one excellent reason why we chose to stock Gamakatsu Shiner Hooks here at the fishing tackle shop without any hesitation.

At Fishing Tackle Shop, we're dedicated to ensuring that you have everything you need for the most successful fishing trips. That's why we stock a vast range of Gamakatsu shiner hook options in all sizes, value-pack options, and pre-pack quantities.

Features and Specifications

  • Wide gap style fishing hook
  • Ideal for live or cut baits
  • It helps prevent gut hooking
  • No need to strike the hook when fish take the bait – the fish will hook itself.
  • Streight eye with inline hook point
  • Available in small size or value packets
  • Black nickel colour
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Made from high-grade carbon steel.
  • Excellent durability, sharpness and design

Small Pre-Pack Volumes

Size 6 = 8pcs

Size 4 and 2 = 7pcs

Size 1= 6pcs

Value Pack Volumes

All sizes = 25pcs

Note Price is for one packet only. Choose the size packet and size hook you require when making your online order. Price will vary depending on which option you select when ordering.

Gamakatsu Shiner Hooks Buyers Guide:

You probably know that Gamakatsu hooks are already some of the best fishing hooks available if you're here. However, we think a little extra information never hurts. If you're new to fishing, understanding hook sizing can seem overwhelming. No worries – we've got you covered.

Fishing for bream? – The wide gap style hook is among the best hooks for bream and whiting when fishing, especially when fishing with worms or prawns, live or dead. No question about it. If you're fishing for bream or sand whiting, go with size 6 or 4 Gamakatsu shiner hooks. Should you be chasing only the biggest fish, then you may consider a size 2 or 1 to be a preferable option.

Angling for flathead? - Present your prawn, worms, strip baits and more with Gamakatsu Shiner Hooks in sizes 1, this is our best selling sizes designed for flathead fishing, yet are a proven all-purpose size hook to be the ideal choice for many other coastal species too.


  • Shiner hooks make it easier to set the hook when fish takes your bait. No need to strike the hook; fish will do the job for you.
  • Gamakatsu and their superior Shiner hooks are quality products that will help you catch more fish!
  • You'll land more fish and have less gut-hooked fish due to the unique shape of the hook. Get back to fishing quicker with less risk of needing to perform fish throat surgery. Help protect the quality of the fish for the table or catch and release.

If you're an angler, you've likely heard of Gamakatsu hooks. They are world renowned for their quality and precision. Gamakatsu Shiner wide gap hooks are made with the same dedication to perfection as all other Gamakatsu products. With chemically sharpened points, these hooks will not disappoint. Gamakatsu Shiner Hooks have been designed to enhance every angling experience. Buy a pack or few now!


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