VMC Inline Single Hooks For Lures (packet)

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$11.95 - $12.50
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VMC Inline Single Hooks For Sale (Packet Model 7266 Heavy or 7237 Light)

There aren’t really any better hooks than VMC, just different. VMC is a French born company with over 100 years of experience manufacturing fishing hooks for the world. The company is so significant in France that it is certified a “Living Heritage Company” by the French Government. Delivery fishing hooks to 70 countries as well as supplying hooks to lure manufacturing giants such as Rapala provides all the credentials one should need to have total confidence in VMC hooks.

VMC have responded to the growing trend of retro-fitting hard body lures with single hooks by developing hard body lure specific in-line hooks. The trend to refit to single hooks comes from good science and practical knowhow. It is also a response to the ever growing practice of catch and release. Catch and release has been the greatest trend in our sport since the invention of the timber centre pin.

Here are the reasons to fit your hard bodies with VMC Inline Singles 7266 model. Firstly, you’re lures will perform better. The single inline hooks will have far less impact on your lures action allowing it to swim more realistically and be more attractive to fish. Secondly, evidence is mounting at an alarming rate suggesting the single hooks actually have a far better hook up rate. The Extra wide gap and long point on the VMC ensure excellent hook up rates. Third, is that single hooks are far better for catch and release allowing anglers to release fish far quicker and with much less damage than treble hooks. Another benefit is that your lures are less likely to get tangled and locked together when mixed in a tackle box. Trebles cause a heck of a mess when loosely stored in a tackle box.

Features and Specifications

  • Improves catch rate vs treble hook
  • Extremely long needle point
  • 11% wider Gap than competitive products
  • Hi-carbon steel
  • Extra Wide Gap
  • Forged
  • Anti-corrosive Tin plating

NOTE: Price is for 1 packet Only, just select the model you require and the size when ordering

Sizes 7266/Qty per pack

  • 1/0 and 2/0 = 7 hooks
  • 3/0 = 6 hooks
  • 4/0 = 5 hooks
  • 5/0 and 6/0 = 4 hooks
  • 7/0 = 3 hooks


  • Far better lure action than with trebles.
  • Easier to release fish unharmed. Easy for the angler to release the fish outright.
  • Wider gap and long needle point secure a higher hook up percentage.
  • Light weight yet super strong to handle big predatory fish.
  • Anti-corrosive plating will see your hooks last longer saving you money.

Get with the program and make contemporary fishing practices part of your routine and re-fit your hard body fishing lures with VMC Inline Singles 7266 model. The benefits are there for angler and fish alike not the least of which is more hook ups.


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