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Braid line is actually the oldest type of fishing line, older than even monofilament. That’s because fishermen from centuries ago would weave fabric together to create their fishing lines. Nowadays, though, braided fishing line is superior because of exciting innovations. And here is where you can find a huge selection of braid fishing line from leading manufacturers.

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Platypus Platinum Braided Line

Platypus Braid fishing line – a legendary Australian made fishing line.


Fireline fishing line is one of the most popular fused braid super lines by far that we sell.

Power Pro Braid

Power pro Braid is a product of Shimano Fishing and as such expect quality for an affordable price. See also our Shimano Kairiki braid for sale here.

Rovex Braid

Rovex Braid is one of our most affordable braid fishing lines for sale. See our range!

Gliss Line & Other Unifiliment Superlines

The all new Gliss & other hybrid lines are now for sale – These lines have properties of using mono and braid combined into one line.

Sufix Braid

Purchase spools of Sufix braid here – See what we have on offer.

Sunline PE Braid Fishing Line

Sunline is an ever increasing popular braid amongst tournament anglers and everyday fisho’s.

Daiwa Braid Fishing Lines

Purchase Daiwa Tournament braided lines here – see our range!

Spiderwire Braid

See our range of Spiderwire braid line for sale here - amazing prices now on offer.



Why You Need Braid –First of all, braid fishing line doesn’t stretch, which lets you feel even the lightest of nibbles. The next reason is that braid has much greater strength than monofilament fishing line, giving you the freedom to battle against powerful species.

Berkley Fireline – Easily one of the standout ranges of braid, you can order Fireline online from the Fishing Tackle Shop. Fireline braid is so highly effective because it is thermally fused with Dyneema for improved abrasion resistance, strength, and longer casting.

Power Pro – The next line worth spotlighting is Power Pro braid, which is a range owned and produced by Shimano Fishing. Across the entire range, Power Pro will give you advantages such as incredible tensile strength, rugged knot strength, and smoothness.

Braid Fishing Line for Sale – Alongside Fireline and Power Pro, we have many other types of braid fishing line for you. Other key names include Sufix Braid, Rovex Braid, Platypus, Sunline, and Daiwa. Ask us any questions about those fishing lines by using our live chat platform.