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Nomad Panderra Braid Line

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Experience High Strength and Sensitivity with Nomad Panderra Braid

Hooking into decent-sized saltwater fish along the rugged Australian coastline asks everything in your line. Our coastal elements have the potential to shred inferior braids instantly, turning dreams of a decent catch into heartbreak. Fortunately, the engineers at Nomad Tackle have crafted an exceptionally dependable and sensitive superline in Nomad Panderra Braid.

Nomad Panderra Braid is made with Japanese PE fibre in a microweave pattern that gives it exceptional strength despite its thin diameter. This unique construction reduces friction, potentially increasing your casting distance and allowing you to detect subtle bites transmitted down the line. Nomad Panderra Braid's fishing line features alternating 10-metre colour sections, making tracking the length of the line you have out easier.

An exclusive Hydroslick surface treatment shields the braid longer from abrasion while providing smooth flow off spinning or casting reels. From finicky whiting nibbles registered instantly by 6 lb line to 50 lb for taming feisty trevally offshore, every size features superb roundness for dependable reeling and knot performance.

Rigorously torture-tested to meet Nomad’s uncompromising standards of quality, Panderra Braid represents the pinnacle of advanced materials married with thoughtful Australian design. Treat yourself to the confidence and fish-attracting subtle action only possible with Nomad’s cutting-edge braids.

Features and Specifications:

  • Made from Japanese PE Fiber
  • 8 Carrier weave
  • Thin diameter
  • Hydroslick coating
  • Made for saltwater fishing
  • Perfect for casting, jigging or trolling
  • Smooth casting performance
  • Multi-colour with colour change every 10 metres

Sizes We Sell

6 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb and 12 lb options come in convenient 200-metre lengths, while 15 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb, and 50 lb heavy tackle sizes are sold in 400-metre lengths.

Please note: Each size is sold separately. The individual price of each size may vary depending on.

Nomad Panderra Braid FAQ

Why does the Panderra Braid stand out from other braided lines?

Nomad Panderra uses exclusive microweave technology and the highest-grade Japanese fibres for unmatched strength in ultra-thin diameters. Elements like the Hydroslick coating and vibrant 10-metre colour segments also set it apart. The result is excellent sensitivity, strength, abrasion resistance and handling suited to a wide range of Australian fishing scenarios.

What breaking strain should I choose?

Match your line strength to the typical size fish and habitat you encounter, allowing a safety margin. Light 6-12 lb lines suit bream and whiting, whereas 30+ lb classes target kingfish, tuna and other big coastal sportfish. As a rule, use higher breaking strains in rugged terrain like reefs and wrecks. Consider a heavier leader if fish with sharp teeth are present.

Why are thinner-diameter braided lines better?

Thinner super lines like Nomad Panderra Braid cast more easily due to reduced friction while enabling improved bite detection. You’ll also get more yards of line onto your spool. Just ensure your knots are well-tied and regularly checked.

What are the diameters of Nomad Panderra Braid?

  • 6lb: 0.13mm
  • 8lb: 0.15mm
  • 10lb: 0.16mm
  • 12lb: 0.185mm
  • 15lb: 0.20mm
  • 20lb: 0.23mm
  • 30lb: 0.29mm
  • 50lb: 0.37mm

Nomad Panderra Braid For Sale at the Fishing Tackle Shop

Ready to fill your spool with one of the smoothest, strongest braided lines that pushes the limits of performance? Experience refined fish-fighting power with Nomad Panderra Braid, which was designed and tested here in Australia by the passionate team at Nomad Fishing Tackle.

Gear up for saltwater fish battles with thin Nomad Panderra Braid, now available for sale at the fishing tackle shop!


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