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Berkley Whiplash Braid 2000M

Berkley Whiplash Braid has gained its top-shelf reputation owing to its incredibly thin diameters. The 30lb line is only 0.10mm thick, or should we say thin. It’s worth noting, that’s the same as 6lb mono. That’s THIN!

There are several benefits to having thin diameters. Superior not strength is just the beginning. Whiplash Braid cuts through the water beautifully, so there is a reduction in line resistance or ‘drag’. Casting distance is improved significantly, the tight weave technology also makes it smoother and nonabrasive, further assisting casting lengths. You can pack prodigious amounts onto your spool. Sold in 2000 meters rolls, you can spool up all your reels very economically.

Berkley Whiplash Braid in 2000M spools is for sale now. It’s a special for the electric reel fans, as the thin diameters provide for a healthy filled spool; essential when fishing the murky depths. While great for the digital depth anglers, essentially, Berkley Whiplash Braid is supremely versatile.

While perfect in the blue water at any depth, it’s also ideal for lure work, light and heavy, right throughout the inshore waters. It’s low-stretch for outstanding feedback, and has excellent abrasion resistance, so anglers can hit the structure confidently knowing their braid is less likely to succumb to the rough stuff.

Whiplash braided line includes Dyneema in its manufacture process, the most durable fibre of its kind. This incredible strength matched by its ability to withstand the ‘shocks’ of relentless casting, a problem with many lessor braids on the market.

The 2000 metre spools will suit the anglers with large reels and those with multiple fishing reels that want line consistency across there reel arsenal. At this price, fishers get superior line quality at a price point that beats braids of a much lower class.

Take advantage of the 2000 metre spools of Berkley Whiplash Braid for sale now. Is your reel collection big enough to eat up 2km of top-shelf braid? Of course, it is. Throw a couple of spools in your trolley now.

Features and Specifications

  • Spool length: 2000M(2184YDS)
  • Test and diameters: 20lb – 0.06mm, 30lb – 0.10mm, 50lb – 0.18mm, 65lb – 0.20mm, 80lb – 0.25mm, 100lb – 0.28mm, 150lb – 0.30mm or 200lb – 0.35mm
  • Tight Weaved Micro Dyneema construction
  • Ultra-Fine Diameter
  • Smooth and non-abrasive
  • Low Stretch
  • Supreme casting
  • 100% Micro Dyneema Fibres
  • Great Knot Strength


  • Thin diameters allow for a fuller spool of a higher breaking strain.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance offers better line protection from nicks, cuts and frays while fishing the structure.
  • The smooth finish works in concert with the thin diameters to deliver outstanding casting distances.
  • The 2000 meter spool is ideal for filling hungry electric reels, game reels and your full arsenal of reels of all types.
  • Knowing your knots will survive the heavy loads is critical to fishing confidently. Berkley Whiplash Braid has excellent knot strength.

Berkley Whiplash Braid, sold in 2000M spools, is a top shelf braid that will suit the discerning angler who is also looking for value. Ticking every necessary braid performance criteria, Berkley Whiplash Braid is your direct connection to more fish, more often.


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