Shimano Grappler Braid

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Shimano Grappler Braid - Multi-Colour Braided Line

When a brute-strength fish is on the line, having a superline that doesn't disappoint is beneficial. Shimano Grappler Braid is engineered specifically for the huge stopping power needed to land hard-fighting species offshore. This braid utilises advanced IZANAS PE8 fibre technology and innovative construction to handle even the most intense fights against fast-running fish.

The IZANAS PE8 fibre weave generates incredible power to turn fish and avoid getting spooled. Even under extreme pressure, Grappler Braid retains smoothness for flawless casting inshore and zero friction offshore.

Shimano integrates Heat Sink technology into Grappler Braid, making it virtually impervious to heat damage from sizzling runs. Their unique VT construction method creates an incredibly round, smooth surface to prevent wind knots and backlashes when casting light lures.

Optimal Strengths for Any Situation

Shimano Grappler Braid comes in a few sizes to suit inshore and offshore fishing. The lighter 16lb option is ideal for working inshore grounds. Step up to the stronger 20-50lb models for deep jigging or bouncing offshore and battling big brutes around structure.

The highly visible multi-colour options let anglers monitor the action of their lure on the drop. This feedback is especially useful when vertical jigging or bouncing rigs along the bottom. Precision control over the smallest movements leads to more hookups.

Cutting-Edge Japanese Technology

Grappler utilises exclusive IZANAS PE8 fibres and advanced VT construction technology. The IZANAS fibres and precision weaving result in unmatched strength, smoothness, abrasion resistance and reliability compared to other braids.

The integrated Heat Sink coating is another example of Shimano's cutting-edge materials technology. By dispersing heat along the line length, Grappler prevents localised damage during screaming runs by fast species. The superline retains its optimal condition to keep anglers in control.

Superior Handling and Castability

The 8-carrier construction gives Grappler silky smooth handling and casting characteristics. The ultra-fine fibres are woven under extreme tension to maximise density. This results in an incredibly round profile that shoots through guides with minimal friction.

By minimising backlashes and wind knots, Grappler allows anglers to achieve greater distance with pinpoint accuracy. Less untangling time means more time with the lure in the strike zone. Even in strong winds, Grappler maintains stability for precise presentations.

Gain the Winning Edge

When going toe-to-toe with fast, powerful species, Shimano Grappler Braid gives anglers the confidence to apply a heavy-handed drag and bulldog hard-fighting fish. The extreme strength of the IZANAS fibres allows anglers to take charge of the fight.

Whether chasing snapper in the snags or jigging reef donkeys offshore, the Shimano Grappler braid has the backbone and smoothness to handle many situations. Don't risk losing your dream fish on an inferior line – spool up with Shimano's advanced braid technology and be better positioned to gain the winning edge.

Features and Specifications

Braid Size PE Rating Diameter
16Lb 0.8 0.1mm
20Lb 1.0 0.13mm
24Lb 1.2 0.16mm
30Lb 1.5 0.19mm
38Lb 2.0 0.2mm
59Lb 3.0 0.23mm
  • IZANAS PE8 fibres engineered for extreme strength
  • Integrated Heat Sink coating prevents heat damage
  • 8-carrier construction enables silky smooth handling
  • High-vis multi-colours for monitoring lure action
  • Ultra-precise VT weaving for flawless performance
  • Incredible casting distance and accuracy
  • Spool length: 300m

Please note: The price is for a singe spool only; choose the size you require when making your online purchase.

How does Grappler compare to other Shimano braids?

Grappler utilises exclusive IZANAS PE8 fibres and patented VT construction found only in Shimano's premium braids, giving it unparalleled strength, smoothness and abrasion resistance.

What are the benefits of the multi-colour options?

The unique multi-colour patterns allow anglers to monitor the action of their lure at depth. Any pause, twitch or drop can be seen clearly for precision control.

Is Grappler suitable for both inshore and offshore?

Yes, Grappler is extremely versatile for inshore fishing or battling offshore sportsfish. Lighter lines are perfect inshore, while heavier PEs have the backbone for offshore.

Gear Up for Battle and Buy Grappler Braid

For unmatched strength, smoothness and reliability when fighting powerful fish, Shimano Grappler Braid is the ultimate choice. Buy the perfect Grappler for your needs today at the fishing tackle shop.


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