Shimano PR Bobbin Knot Tool

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$89.95 - $99.95
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Shimano PR Bobbin For Sale – The ultimate PR knot tool for braid to leader connection

The PR Knot is clearly the ideal fishing knot for connecting Braid to mono Leader. The jigging community swear by it and to look at a completed PR knot it is easy to see why. A well tied PR knot provides 100% strength yet is slim and smooth ensuring it passes through guides without any catching or impact. This is important for your guides. The impact of a bulky knot will do damage to your fishing rod guides. Damaged guides can be an expensive repair and may put your rod out of action for a little while.

Busted guides aside, a poorly tied knot can result in losing a lure and far worse than this, losing a prize catch. No angler like to see a potential record come along side ready for tagging only to see it break off because of a poorly tied knot.

The Shimano PR Bobbin is a fantastic piece of kit that is ergonomically designed to help you tie better PR knots. Yes, the PR knot is a reasonably complex affair that requires a good set of tools to do well. Sharp scissors, a wind resistant lighter and, of course, a well-designed PR Bobbin. The Shimano PR Bobbin is outstanding. Maintaining tension on your line, a critical part of the operation, has never been easier than with the Shimano model.

It is light weight, easy to handle and like all Shimano products, it looks great. When you’re out at sea in a swell, it is tougher to do things that require fine motor skills, like tying PR knots. The Shimano Bobbin helps make such process easier, particularly when the ground is moving beneath you.

The Shimano is essential kit for any angler that demands the best PR knots. It is inexpensive and saves a lot of tricky line work.

Features and Specifications

  • Constructed from high impact plastic
  • Total weight 57 grams
  • PE rating 1.5 to 8
  • Drag Range 2kg
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Black Model:  PE Rating for PE 1.5 to PE 8 Line Class  / 57 grams total weight / Drag rating 2Kg
  • Blue Model : PE Rating for PE 0.3 to PE 3 Line Class / 33 grams total weight / Drag rating 1.5Kg


  • The key benefit is that the Shimano PR Bobbin will help you tie better PR knots more consistently.
  • Light weight design allows for easier twirling.
  • Cover a wide range of braid classes.
  • The high impact plastic construction makes the bobbin highly durable.
  • The O-rings are fantastic for ensuring line tension.
  • Fits easily in your pocket or tackle box.

Tie awesome knots and never lose a lure or fish again using the Shimano PR Bobbin. Consider this essential kit. It is inexpensive and makes the process of joining braid to Leader so much easier. Get your now.


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