Berkley X Braid Fishing Line

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Berkley X Braid Fishing Line For Sale

Braided fishing line technology is constantly advancing, and one of the latest evolutions to make its mark on the market is the Berkley X braid. This cutting-edge braid incorporates the latest technology and supersedes Fireline and the previous X-5 and X9 braids available until the new X braid launch in 2023.

X Braid sets a new industry standard, delivering anglers a braided fishing line that combines enhanced strength with exceptional castability. Avoid allowing sentimental attachments to old products to influence your purchasing decisions.; upgrade your old lines to Berkley X Braid and experience a new level of performance on the water. Say goodbye to outdated technology and embrace the future of braid fishing lines.

Experience the difference of Berkley X Braid, made in the USA! When you choose an American-made fishing line, you're not just purchasing any old braided fishing line but investing in high production standards and superior quality control. Expect a modern, reliable, top-quality braid specifically engineered to excel in even the most challenging angling conditions from inshore creeks to the wild oceans out wide.

Features and Specifications

  • Made in the USA with advanced technology and materials
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing
  • Available in 4, 8 or 12 carrier options.
  • High Performance

Note: Images are for illustration only - Prices vary between the models for sale. Please choose an option from our ordering menu for the pricing to update particular to that product unit.

Line Specifications

Model Diameter
X4 6lb 0.12mm
X4 8lb 0.13mm
X4 10lb 0.15mm
X4 15lb 0.19mm
X8 6lb 0.07mm
X8 8lb 0.09mm
X8 10lb 0.11mm
X8 15lb 0.13mm
X8 20lb 0.15mm
X8 30lb 0.19mm
X8 50lb 0.29mm
X12 10lb 0.11mm
X12 15lb 0.13mm
X12 20lb 0.15mm
X12 30lb 0.19mm
X12 50lb 0.29mm

What are the differences between the Berkley X Braid models for sale?

Three models of Berkley X Braid are available for purchase: X4 Dura Tough, X8 Super Smooth, and X12 Super Smooth Elite. Each model is distinguished by the number of carriers/strands it possesses. For instance, X4 has four carriers, X8 has eight carriers, and X12 has 12 carriers.

X4 Dura Tough is the basic model in the series, ideal for anglers looking for a cheaper braid and a braid that offers the best durability and resistance to abrasion. X4 can handle heavy cover and rough fishing habitats. X4 is the ideal choice for anglers targeting fish in challenging environments.

X8 Super Smooth is ideal for anglers seeking a smoother casting experience. With eight carriers, the X8 braid is incredibly thin and can be cast precisely and accurately. X8 Possesses fantastic knot strength and is a top choice for anglers who prefer to fish with lighter lures and techniques.

X12 Super Smooth Elite takes things to the next level with its 12 carriers. X12 offers unmatched sensitivity and strength. With X-12, you have the ultimate braid for long-distance casting, and its remarkable smoothness adds to the overall performance.

How does the Knot Strength compare across the various Berkley X Braid Models?

All X Braid models have a 5-star knot strength rating, including X4, X8 and X12. Berkley's advanced braiding technology and raw materials deliver excellent knot strength among all models.

Is there a difference in casting distance between the various models of Berkley X Braid?

X8 and X12 have a 5-star rating for casting distance, while X4 has a 3-star rating. This is due to the increased number of carriers in X8 and X12, allowing for a smoother and more precise cast.

What are the differences in abrasion resistance between Berkley X Braid products?

The X4 model sports the best resistance to abrasion compared to the X8 and X12 models. While the X8 and X12 models excel in casting, some compromises must be made. The X4 model boasts a Berkley 5-star rating for abrasion resistance, while the X8 model ranges at a 3-star rating and the X12 model at a 4-star rating.

Are there different smoothness features for each braid model?

Yes, there are differences in smoothness between the models. X8 and X12 have a 5-star rating for smoothness, while the X4 only has a 3-star rating.

Buy Berkley X Braid at the fishing tackle shop

Replace your old, outdated braid and upgrade to the latest braided fishing technology with Berkley X Braid. Experience enhanced strength, castability, and improved fishing performance on the water with Berkley X Braid - available now at the fishing tackle shop.


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