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This Category is dedicated to monofilament fishing lines. (please see HERE For other line types)

Finding the best fishing line for your rod and reel is a simple matter of browsing our world-class selection. Here, you will be able to get line made by well known global fishing line manufacturers. Represented are the ultimate fishing tackle producers, including key names such as Shimano, Berkley, Sufix, Schneider lines, Maxima and other top quality monofilament fishing line brands.

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Sufix Fishing Line

Buy Sufix monofilament line in this category – An affordable and quality option.

Black Magic Fishing Line

Black Magic fishing line is one of our most popular ranges of mono line that we sell.

Schneider Fishing Line

Schneider Line has been around for a long time and is a durable favourite for all types of fishing.

Maxima Fishing Line

Maxima Fishing Line – Available in favourite styles such as ultragreen and IGFA.

Berkley Big Game Fishing Line

Berkley Big Game IGFA and other monofilament lines can be found here.

Tortue Line

Tortue fishing line – Been around forever and a day and is still a favourite.

Stren IGFA Fishing Line

Stren Mono Fishing Line is popular amongst game fishermen.

Sunline Fishing Lines

Sunline Mono including floating fishing lines.

Shimano Fishing Line

Shimano Line – A popular brand that is a popular choice particularly amongst game fisho’s

Mono Fishing Line – Other Brands

Shop here for all other brands of monofilament fishing lines we have for sale



Monofilament Fishing Line – A vital staple for many anglers, this line holds well in fishing reel spools and is resistant to slipping.

Abrasion resistance – Monofilament fishing line is usually associated with being a line that offers excellent abrasion resistance. So, this is often handy when you are fishing around structure or rocks.

Fishing line stretch – Mono fishing line has a tendency to stretch a little so when you are hooked up to a half decent fish by using monofilament line, whilst it might not be as sensitive as braid line has an advantage that it is less likely to pull the hooks out of a fish due to its stretch capability.