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Maxima Ultragreen Fishing Line One Shot

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Maxima Ultragreen Fishing Line For Sale

If you are after one of the best fishing lines available in monofilament type then these days it’s hard to go past Maxima Ultragreen. This line has been around for decades and is it any wonder why. Anglers love the amazing knot strength, the fact that its durable and hard wearing and suited for all types of conditions from freshwater fishing through to the harsh saltwater.

The fact that Ultra Green is tough or a little stiff translates to it being better than your average monofilament, not just for abrasion resistance.  Why is that you ask? Well it means that the line is better at transmitting vibration and detecting bites and because of this coupled with its natural moss green colouration means that Maxima Ultragreen Fishing Line not only makes amazing main line but can also be used for leader lines as well.

The resistance to abrasion and knot strength that this line provides means not only does it suit the average every day angler but also makes a specialty to those that fish in areas where you are likely to get a fair bit of wear and tear to you line. Places such as rock platforms, oyster leases, reefs and the like.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Maxima Ultragreen One Shot
  • Highly resistant to abrasions
  • Excellent Knot Strength
  • Handles like using fluorocarbon line – Stiffer
  • Can be used as main line or as leader material
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater fishing

Note: Price is for 1 spool only and price varies depending on which size you choose.

Lb TestMetres on spool)Diameter
6lb 230m 0.22mm
8lb 200m 0.25mm
10lb 200m 0.30mm
12lb 300m 0.32mm
15lb 300m 0.37mm
20lb 300m 0.42mm
25lb 300m 0.50mm
30lb 280m 0.55mm

What Lb line do I need?

It really depends on the type of fishing you will be doing and what you are fishing for. But if you are just an average angler looking for an allrounder line then we suggest purchasing around 6, 8 or 10lb for fishing in situations such as lakes and rivers, for beach fishing we suggest around 15lb to cover targeting anything from small fish like whiting and dart through to salmon or tailor. For off the rocks targeting the average rock species try around 20lb this will give you more resistance to abrasion and for offshore general reef fishing use 15-30lb.  This is only a rough guide covering the basics for what anglers are most likely to use in most parts of Australia.  If you are a little more advanced in your fishing you may find this guide irrelevant and can make your own judgement better refined and specific to the target species and location you will be fishing


  • Ideal for anglers that fish where there is a fair bit of abrasion happening including the likes of rocks, reefs, oyster beds.
  • Knot strength is amazing and holds most of its tensile rated strength.
  • Due to stiffness and near to invisible colour underwater this line can be easily used as either main line or leader material.

If you fish either fresh or saltwater and are looking for a tough line with excellent knot strength then make sure you buy a spool of Maxima Ultragreen Fishing Line. It’s affordable and for sale here now at amazing prices. We deliver fishing gear worldwide.


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