Berkley Line Spooler - Mobile

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Berkley Line Spooler - Mobile

You've got to love a good idea, and the Berkley Mobile Line Spooler is brilliant! The Berkley Line Spooler is for sale now and you have to buy it now. Apart from getting someone else to spool your reels, there is no better way to fill your spools than using this handy line spooling tool from Berkley Fishing.

Many of us have rigged up our own contraptions for spooling up. Many are less than mobile, only partially effective and frequently involve some level of personal injury. Apart from that, we rely on a second pair of hands to assist.

When a second pair of hands are not available, we will resort to the classic pencil through the spool, using our sock covered toes and the carpet for applying the required pressure. We burn our socks, our toes, the carpet and almost always end up with a dogs breakfast of a line lay with a distinct and tragic lack of uniformity.

The Berkley Mobile Line Spooler puts an end to homemade spooling contraptions, the pencil, and the need for assistance. It's mobile, consistent, and will accept all but the largest of line spools. You can use it anywhere, but most importantly, you will get an even line lay, uniformly packed, with little effort. The design is so ingenious, you even have three easily adjustable setting to set the tension.

This invention is the equivalent to the revelation that was printing press. While a slight exaggeration…granted, you get the drift. All of a sudden spooling up is not the drag it always has been. The Berkley Line Spooler will actually contribute to more fish, because you'll spend less time untangling birds nests and knots that you have acquired from having a poorly packed spool. Put one in your trolley now.

Features and Specifications

  • Completely mobile
  • Vertical panel for securing stability
  • Auto tension with 3 levels of adjustment
  • Accepts filler spools and all but the larger bulk spools
  • Lightweight, sturdy construction

Note: Images are for illustration only. Price is for 1 only and DOES NOT include fishing line. Line can be purchased separately if required on our website.


  • Easy to store and transport and can be used anywhere.
  • Delivers an even line lay with uniform packing which ensures loops, line creasing and damage does not occur.
  • The vertical panel allows you to use a door, foot or piece of furniture to secure spooler conveniently.
  • A total of 3 tension levels are available so you can tension to preference and line type or requirements.
  • Turns a chore into a quick and easy process.

The Berkley Line Spooler for sale now saves an enormous amount of tedium and frustration. Your reels a spooled in no time flat, your prep is completed in a jiffy and you're on the water faster. This means more fish boys and girls. The longer you line is wet, the more fish you catch.


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