Williamson Thunder Jig Bladed Metal Spinner Lure

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Williamson Thunder Jig Bladed Metal Spinner Lure

The anticipation builds as you make the perfect cast, sending your Williamson Thunder Jig bladed metal spinner lure dancing in the air across the water's surface. As it sinks into the blue depths, flashes of light caught from the sun's rays burst from the spinning blade while vibrations pulse through the water. Pelagics like salmon, tailor and bonito instinctively give chase, ready to engulf what appears to be vulnerable prey.

As the Thunder Jig drops, its lively blade movement mimics the frantic flicking of baitfish tails. Ferocious predators like Aussie salmon strike instinctively, thinking they've cornered their next meal. But one inhale of the hook sets firmly in their jaw, and the fight is on!

Cast after cast, the Williamson Thunder Jig bladed metal spinner lure continues its fish-fooling action as you retrieve it through the water column. The erratic vibrations and action incite heart-stopping hits from lightning-fast pelagics. One moment, it's just you and the tranquillity of the ocean; the next, you're battling with the possibility of what may be a hard-charging trevally or kingfish.

Weighing 40 grams, this versatile metal spinning fishing lure is ideally sized for casting from the rocks, beach, or boat. The single hook allows for unhindered action in all environments. Bounce the Thunder Jig along a reef, triggering strikes from bottom dwellers like snapper, or throw it into the open ocean for fast-moving pelagic predators.

Wherever you choose to fish, the Williamson Thunder Jig is ready for a challenge and has the potential to bring non-stop excitement no matter how you choose to work it!

Features and Specifications

  • Cast or jig
  • Metal construction
  • 40g weight and size
  • Single hook design for better action
  • Attracting blade
  • Dual-purpose lure – can be used for pelagics or bottom dwellers like snapper.

Please note: The price is for one single lure only. Choose the colour you require when ordering.

How do I work the Williamson Thunder Jig effectively?

The Thunder Jig can be fished in several productive ways. For mid-water predators, cast it out and use a fast retrieve to imitate a fleeing baitfish. Allow the jig to sink for 3-5 seconds on the drop before starting your retrieve. You can also vertically jig by letting it sink to the bottom, then quickly lifting your rod tip 1-2 feet and letting it flutter back down. Bouncing or "hopping", the jig along the bottom kicks up debris and triggers strikes from reef fish. Vary retrieves until you find what's working.

Can I use the Thunder Jig from the shore, or do I need a boat?

One of the great things about the Thunder Jig is that it can be used successfully from the rocks, beach, jetty or boat. The 40g weight gives it enough casting distance and power for shore-based fishing.

What rod and reel setup should I use with the Williamson Thunder Jig?

The ideal setup depends on whether you're fishing from shore or a boat.

For shore-based beach and rock fishing, we recommend an 8-10ft spin rod rated up to 15kg paired with a reel around 6000-8000 in size. The longer rod will provide extra casting distance and leverage to muscle fish from the structure. A heavier braid and fluorocarbon leader is ideal for abrasion resistance.

When fishing offshore from a boat, shorter jig rods in the 5ft 6 to 6ft 6in range are preferred for vertical jigging. Pair them with medium to heavy spin reels in the 5000-8000 size loaded with 20-50lb braided line. The shorter but stouter boat rods allow you to work the jig vertically and put maximum pressure on hard-fighting species like kingfish.

This is a guide only, and you may have your personal preference. No matter which rod length or reel size, matching the Thunder Jig with a medium to medium-heavy power fast action rod and quality reel optimised for saltwater will all help towards achieving solid hooksets and the power to land some great catches.

Buying a Williamson Thunder Jig Online

Whether bouncing along a reef or burning just below the surface, the Thunder Jig brings thunderous excitement to every cast. So why wait for a storm? Bring the thunder yourself by ordering the Williamson Thunder Jig Bladed Metal Spinner Lure online from Fishing Tackle Shop. After all, for diehard anglers, it's always "Thunder Jigs are go!"


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