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Snorkeling Spearfishing

Snorkelling and Spearfishing

The Fishing Tackle Shop is also here for all of your water sports needs. No matter the intensity of your activity, we have something that you are certain to need. Snorkelers, spearfishermen and divers all have plenty of products to choose from such as: mask and snorkel sets, dive boots or gloves, hand spears and a whole lot more

Monster range of gear if you are into snorkelling, spear fishing or surfing. Check it all out! Shop Now
  • Dive Boots
    Dive Boots

    Dive Boots

    Dive Boots & Fishing Boots For Sale
    Dive boots are a crucial investment whether you enjoy water sports, scuba diving, snorkelling, or rock fishing. Each of those activities will expose your feet to cuts, bruises, and blisters. So, why are you waiting to get some? You can order a pair of the best dive boots for a low-cost price just below.

    Whether it's snorkeling, sailing or water sports, be safe with our stylish collection of dive boots! Shop Now
  • Dive Gloves
    Dive Gloves

    Dive Gloves

    Dive Gloves For Sale
    Spending long periods of time on or in water will expose your hands to difficult and potentially damaging conditions. But ordering a pair of watersport gloves can give you vital protection and the grip needed to complete tasks. Take a look below to find the best dive gloves as well as fishing gloves.

    Get a grip with our top line collection of fishing - diving gloves suitable for both wet & dry conditions! Shop Now
  • Diving - Dive Knives
    Diving - Dive Knives

    Diving - Dive Knives

    Dive Knives For Sale
    Dive knifes are vital pieces of gear whether you enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, or Spear fishing. Having a dive knife will let you cut through ropes in the event let’s say you get entangled in one, to use for a little protection underwater if you need it, or even to prise Abalone from rocks. Add the best dive knife to your gear-bag by checking out the many affordable products below.

    Enter stealth mode with our dive knive collection which offers usability, security and safety! Shop Now
  • Flippers & Fins
    Flippers & Fins

    Flippers & Fins

    Swimming Flippers and Surf Fins For Sale
    Flippers and fins make it much easier to swim in the surf, swimming pool or snorkeling. Their design is based on power and efficiency to make swimming simpler and to support your leg muscles. View this section to find a cost-friendly option that meets your budget or style. We have short blade fins for surfing or swimming and long blade fins for snorkelling and diving.

    Dive deep with our durable, comfortable and innovative flipper & fins collection! Shop Now
  • Hand Spears
    Hand Spears

    Hand Spears

    Hand Spears – Spearfishing Gear For Sale
    The Fishing Tackle Shop can outfit all types of fishermen, with this specialist section dedicated to spearfishing enthusiasts. Simply check out the products below to find highly durable hand spears and spearfishing gear to support your hobby. Here At Fishing Tackle Shop not only do we cater for the angler who uses a rod and reel we also cater for the diver and snorkeler that has a passion for spear fishing.

    Browse our sharp collection of handspears and spare parts to suit! Shop Now
  • Mask And Snorkels
    Mask And Snorkels

    Mask And Snorkels

    Mask and Snorkel Sets For Sale
    From juniors to adults, this section has snorkel and mask sets for everyone. Ordering a set will give you a great setup to let you explore the depths of the waters at your favourite beach or piece of coastline. Where we find we sell a lot of mask and snorkel sets is to those who are about to embark on a cruise around the pacific islands. Each set comes with different features, so make sure to check out a couple to find your best option.

    Rediscover the underwater world with our high quality masks and snorkels! Shop Now
  • Masks & Goggles
    Masks & Goggles

    Masks & Goggles

    Diving Masks & Swimming Goggles
    Eye protection will let you have a much better time in the water. Knowing that seawater or pool-water cannot impact your vision will give you so much more freedom. And all it takes is an affordable purchase from the diving masks and swimming goggles below.

    Comfortable swimming goggles! Make your swimming experience pleasurable! Shop Now
  • Neoprene Shorts and Board Shorts
    Neoprene Shorts And Board Shorts

    Neoprene Shorts And Board Shorts

    Neoprene Shorts and Board Shorts For Sale
    The shorts and pants in this section are designed to guarantee weather protection across a wealth of outdoor pursuits. No matter what your passion is, the Fishing Tackle Shop can provide you with the ideal pair of wetsuit shorts or thermal pants. You can check out your options below that we have for sale.

    Water sports pants and boardshorts with comfortable stitch & stretch-ability! Shop Now
  • Other Water Sports Items
    Other Water Sports Items

    Other Water Sports Items

    Other Water Sports Equipment That We have for Sale
    The Fishing Tackle Shop also has an array of water sports equipment for sale. Surfers come to us for affordable surfboard socks, while divers can kit themselves out with hoods, torches, watches, and many other accessories. View the affordable options below to prepare for your next adventure.

    For everything else, make the most out of your water experience! Shop Now
  • Snorkeling Complete Package Kits
    Snorkeling Complete Package Kits

    Snorkeling Complete Package Kits

    Snorkel Set Kits – Complete Packages For Sale that include mask, snorkel and flippers.
    This section is home to the best snorkel gear that will not drain your bank balance. Just below are snorkel sets made by leading manufacturers like Land and Sea and Mirage, Check out each option to view the various sizing options and price tags. In-depth features and specifications are also listed.

    Snorkelling kits -Whether a beginner or a professional, we have something for you all! Shop Now
  • Spear Guns
    Spear Guns

    Spear Guns

    Spearguns For Sale
    Welcome to a spearfishing shop where you can browse through some of the major types of spearguns plus related equipment. From brands like Mirage, Undersea, and Phantom, you can find models whether you prefer band-powered, pneumatic, or railguns. View each option below to see exactly what features can help you.

    Spearguns - High speed, high impact spear guns for sale at affordable prices. Shop Now

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