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Snorkelling & Spearfishing


Snorkelling and Spearfishing - The Fishing Tackle Shop is also here for all of your water sports needs. No matter the intensity of your activity, we have something that you are certain to need. Snorkelers, spearfishermen and divers all have plenty of products to choose from such as: mask and snorkel sets, dive boots or gloves, hand spears and a whole lot more

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Dive Gloves

Get a grip with our top line collection of fishing - diving gloves suitable for both wet & dry conditions!

Diving - Dive Knives

Enter stealth mode with our dive knive collection which offers usability, security and safety!

Flippers & Fins

Dive deep with our durable, comfortable and innovative flipper & fins collection!

Hand Spears

Browse our sharp collection of handspears and spare parts!

Mask And Snorkels

Rediscover the underwater world with our high quality masks and snorkels!

Masks & Goggles

 Comfortable swimming goggles! Make your swimming experience pleasurable!

Neoprene Shorts and Board Shorts

Water sports pants and boardshorts with comfortable stitch & stretch-ability!

Other Water Sports Items

For everthing else, make the most out of your water experience!

Snorkeling Complete Package Kits

Snorkelling kits -Whether a beginner or a professional, we have something for you all!

Spear Guns

Spearguns - High speed & devastating impact!

Dive Boots

Whether it's snorkeling, sailing or water sports, be safe with our stylish collection of dive boots!


Our Wetsuits are durable, comfortable and slick design for those active in water!



Great Deals on Snorkeling Gear – Get a complete snorkel set when you want everything included, or else just a mask and snorkel package. Kids snorkel sets are also available for unbeatable prices.

Vast Selection of Spearfishing Equipment – Find all of your spearfishing gear in a single location. From wetsuits and spearfishing fins to spearguns and hand spears, getting the best gear at the fairest prices has never been simpler.

Complete Surf Outfitters – Along with a huge selection of soft surfboards and bodyboards, our online surf shop is your go-to source for board shorts, surf fins, surf mats, and various accessories.

Diving Equipment – Divers are also catered for at the Fishing Tackle Shop. Diving equipment includes dive boots, dive gloves, diving knifes, scuba masks, and flippers.

Comfortable Beach Accessories – Easily the most relaxing of the accessories has got to be the beach tent. Why not pick a comfortable pair of versatile aqua shoes for wearing in and out of water? Check out the entire range for more fantastic products.