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Watersnake Combat Electic Motor Bow Mount CRC54/48

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Product Description

Jarvis Walker Watersnake Combat Electric Motor Bow Mount CRC54/48 (Foot control & wrist remote control)

Watersnake is a name synonymous with quality and reliability on the water. In a competitive and burgeoning electric boat motor market, Watersnake holds its own as a preferred method of electric propulsion whether you fish from your boat in the fresh or the saltwater.  Features, function, reliability and predictability is encompassed into a robust construction, where materials and performance are never compromised.

The 12-volt Watersnake Combat Electric Motor motor delivers 54 pounds of thrust to a 3-blade weedless propeller. Whisper quiet you move up on your quarry with stealth whilst being able to hold your own against the wind and current. Shaft construction inspires confidence in the shallows. The alloy inner and composite outer protect the stainless propeller shaft.

Controls are a breeze with a foot controller connected to a 5-meter lead and a very handy wrist remote for ultimate flexibility. The bow mount bracket has an integrated quick release system. This is great for when your boat is stored outside and you want to keep your motor out of the weather and safe from theft.

Electrical components remain protected from the corrosive nightmare of the salt water via an encapsulated circuit board. A circuit breaker and sacrificial anode highlight the attention to electrical detail. Your Watersnake Combat is up to the task in stealth, thrust and reliability. Manoeuvre your favourite boat in silent stealth under challenging conditions with assurance that your Watersnake Combat Motor will put you in the perfect casting position. The Jarvis Walker Watersnake Combat Electric motor for sale now. Grab one and strap it on.

Features and Specifications

  • Model: Watersnake Combat CRC54/48 (Supplier code 55311)
  • Power: 54lbs of thrust
  • Shaft length: 48 inches
  • Operation: Takes a 12 volt marine battery (not included)
  • Amp Draw is 13-54 amps/hour depending on what speed setting you use
  • Can run at variable speeds
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Foot controller included (with 5 metres of power cable)
  • Wrist remote control included
  • Alloy inner with composite outer shaft
  • 3 Blade Weedless propeller included
  • Power cut off switch and Circuit breaker included
  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
  • Bow mount (Fits to the front / bow of your boat)
  • Quick release bracket included (no need to purchase one separately)

Note: Multiple images of combat are for illustration only. Price is for 1 motor only.

Watersnake Combat Motor Buyers Guide

Will this electric trolling motor suit me? -  The combat motor will suit boats up to 18ft in length. The shaft length of this trolling motor is 48 inches. To find out if this shaft length will suit your boat we recommend taking your boat down to the water then measuring the distance from the top of the bow down to the water level. If its anywhere up to 26 inches in measurement from bow to waterline, this motor, the combat CRC54/48 motor is perfect for you.   If the measurement is over 26 inches we suggest considering an alternative motor with a 54 inch shaft length.

What else do I need? – The Combat CRC54/48 motor runs on 12 volt operation so you will need to head to a local battery retailer and purchase a battery separately. We recommend a marine deep cycle battery and we also suggest purchasing a trickle charger to top up your battery after use if you don’t already own a charger. The size of the battery you need will depend on a few factors however we suggest a minimum 95 amp hour or above battery. Running the motor continuously at full speed would generally give you just under an hour use with a 95ah battery. If you ran the motor at slower speeds you will get a lot longer. However, head into your local expert battery retailer armed with info such as the amp draw (which is 13-54a/h operation), how long you would generally like to run the motor for in a session and they should be able to hook you up with the best battery for your new electric bow mount motor.


  • Flexible control options for outstanding convenience when manoeuvring. Choose to either run the Watersnake Combat Electric motor by Wrist remote control or by foot control.
  • Intelligent electrical set-up for reliability and durability under the harsh salty conditions.
  • 54 pounds of thrust managed by a variable speed setting keeps you steady in the wind and current. Ideal for strategic placement, keeping exactly where the fish are biting.
  • The super-strong shaft is designed with the knowledge bumps are inevitable. Get into the structure and shallows knowing when you bottom out your shaft is up to it.
  • Quick release system for removing your motor from its mount allows you to keep it stored out of the weather and protected from theft.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and stow.

Your Jarvis Walker Watersnake Combat Electric motor for sale now will enhance your fishing experience by giving you more manoeuvrability than ever before. Storage and transport is also a breeze based on the lightweight construction and quick release mechanism. Purchase one today.

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