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Shimano Stella Fishing Reel - STLC 2000 SFI

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Product Description

Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI

By the time most anglers are thinking finesse techniques, seeking a more refined sport fishing experience, they’ve earned the right to purchase from the top shelf. The Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI is indeed top shelf. It’s the pinnacle of all Shimano spin reels. Yes, it attracts a heavier price tag than most spin reels of this class but you have to accept this. Finesse Spin reels don’t get any better than the Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI. It has no superiors. This is a reel to aspire to.

13 bearings gives more than a little hint of how smooth this reel is. Like silk. So smooth it nearly cranks itself. With the inclusion of core protect technology, this silky smooth operation will remain, regardless of the environment you fish. Water, sand and dirt simply won’t make its way into core components. The bail arm line roller, rotor and roller clutch are completely protected from the elements.

S-Direct Gear provides superb gear component alignment. Internal movement of vital parts is significantly reduced yet this refinement has not come at the cost of strength and durability. You get it all. Consistency, predictability, unrivalled smoothness, strength and the sort durability you expect in more basic reels. X-ship and the G-free body add to an already feature pack spin reel par excellence.

3kg of maximum front drag will allow you to tackle a broad range of species from the inland fresh lakes and rivers to the salty stuff. Line class will be a personal preference but those enjoying ultra-light applications will comfortably spool 136 yards of 3 kilo mono.

Refined classic good looks and beautiful to the touch, the Stella has all aesthetic bases covered also. Stepping out with a Stella is like hitting the cat walks in Armani. You will turn heads.

The Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI for sale now. A peerless finesse reel of class and distinction that will surely become the favourite in your spin reel collection.

Features and Specifications

  • STLC 2000 SFI
  • Ratio: 5.1:1
  • Approx Mono: 4kg/100m
  • Braid capacity approx: 3kg/125m
  • Bearings, 13+1
  • Max Drag, 3.0kg
  • Weight: 180 grams approx
  • X-Ship
  • S-Direct Gear Technology
  • G Free Body
  • Micromodule Gear Technology
  • Coreprotect and corrosion-resistant components


  • This is the best finesse spin reel on the market. It’s impossible to overstate just how awesome they are.
  • You are using the absolute top of the range. There is nothing quite like fishing the racks on a quiet, peaceful morning, feeling the best fishing technology money can buy.
  • The Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI is a statement of fishing accomplishment.
  • You will fish with total joy, knowing your reel will perform with consistency, at its peak for countless fishing adventures into your fishing future.

The Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI is a magnificent piece of spin reel engineering. Take your finesse angling exploits to levels you have never imagined and purchase yourself a Shimano Stella Fishing Reel STLC 2000 SFI. For sale now.

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