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Rapala Shadow Rap Lures - Deep

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Product Description

Rapala Shadow Rap Lures Deep model- Great for salmon, tailor, barra and more

For many anglers, keeping the lure in the strike zone can be quite a challenge simply because retrieving a bait pulls it from the strike zone. Rapala have solved this simple physics imperative by creating a bait that will virtually never run in a straight line when jerked. The Rapala Shadow Rap Lures is a minnow profile jerk bait that reacts to the jerk by moving left, right or even 180 degrees, but never simply forward unless, of course, scull dragged to return to the angler.

It is this action that keeps the Rapala Shadow Rap Lure in the strike zone for longer. On the pause, the lure floats slowly down with a subtle flutter that mimics a dying bait. In fact, the jerking and pausing action imparted on a Shadow Rap will see it doing an amazing impersonation of a dying fish. A quick jerk will bring it to life looking erratic and confused. The pause, will see it drop indicating the last of life is passing from the fish. In other words, a perfect target, easy meal for a predator.

These lures will be great on a host of species from Mangrove Jack, to the ever so fussy Impoundment Barra, to extra big Flathead. The model listed here is the deep diving model that will run at about 2 and a half meters in the water column. At 13 grams it is brilliant for casting on light braid and represents a decent meal at 110mm. Check out the colours from which to choose sporting an incredible finish that is highly attractive and ever so life like.

The Rapala Shadow Rap Lures (Deep model) will make a brilliant addition to your lure armoury. Grab one or if your budget allows, a selection of colours now to ensure you have you favourite hot spot covered.

Features and Specifications

  • Weight: 13 grams
  • Length: 110mm
  • Diving depth: 4-8 feet approx
  • One of the most advanced lifelike lure pattern finishes we have seen
  • Has the ability to kick upto 180 degrees in the retrieve Action Keeps Shadow Rap Deep in Strike Zone Longer
  • Slow Sinking lure (on pause)
  • Hooks: Quality Black VMX treble hooks
  • Technique: Jerk bait retrieve. Jerk and pause
  • Suitable for targeting species such as, salmon, tailor, kingfish, bonito, barramundi, mangrove jack and so much more.


  • Perfectly mimics the erratic motion of a dying fish. Flutters while sinking and never runs straight when jerked. When jerked from a from a slack line it will actually turn 180 degrees.
  • Without the forward movement the lure stays in the strike zone for much longer.
  • The Shadow Rap lure finish is amazingly life like to fool even the pickiest of predatory fish.
  • The flutter of the slow sinking bait is the perfect representation of a dying fish and ultimate fish attraction.
  • Brilliant in the Salt water and the freshwater.

Rapala make legend lures for all types of fishing. The key is innovation to create lifelike action. The life like action on the deep diving Shadow Rap Lures will entice the most disinterested well fed fish into a feeding frenzy. Grab one or a selection and get casting.

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