Rapala Floating Aerator Pump

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Rapala Floating Aerator For Sale

Rapala is famous the world over for fishing tackle innovation. We all know their cutting-edge lure designs, which are undoubtedly represented in your tackle box.

The Rapala Floating Aerator is for sale now at the fishing tackle shop, and it’s the latest innovation from Rapala.

Keeping live baits alive is critical for fishing live baits. A mullet in a bucket won’t last long unless the water is oxygenated.

For fish destined for the table, keeping them alive till the end of the fishing session so they can be dispatched and prepped at the last moment is the best way to ensure premium flavour when the fillets are served.

The Rapala Floating Aerator is a brilliant innovation that simply sits in your live bait well, bucket or tank and is activated automatically when it hits the water.

The aerator is remarkably quiet, which is rarely the case for many aerators. It’s also compact and very easy to use, doing away with all the tubes, pipes and mounting systems required for standard aerators.

The unit is efficient and includes fittings for rust-free operation in corrosive salt water. Importantly, the Rapala Floating Aerator is no load to carry.

The Rapala Floating Aerator impressed the market before it even hit the shelves, but once released, it lived up to the hype and won best Fishing/Boating Accessory at the AFTA trade show.

If you fish live baits or prefer to keep your catch alive till cleaning time, the Rapala Floating Aerator is a no-brainer, obvious must, for your next fishing accessory purchase. They’re priced to sell, so grab one for yourself and another for your fishing buddy.

Features and Specifications

  • Ideal for keeping live baits in better condition
  • High turnover capacity
  • Requires batteries. (not included)
  • Activates when placed in water
  • continuous flow or 15-minute intervals running five minutes every 15 minutes

What types of Floating Aerators are for sale here at the fishing tackle shop?

We sell two models, the first being the RCD Standard model.

This aerator will run for up to 36 hours on three ‘C’ sized batteries. It pumps a very handy 1.5L of air per minute, which is great when you have several fish to keep alive. The standard model measures approximately 10cm wide by 18cm long.

The second option we sell is the RCD Compact model. Compact in size and runs off 6x AA-sized batteries. The compact model has a 1.2 Litre per minute turnover and can last up to 31 hours, depending on your setting. The approximate dimensions are 8cm in length x 7.5cm in width x 14cm high.

Why are floating aerators better than conventional battery-operated aerators?

There are multiple advantages that floating aerators have over conventional ones. The biggest advantage is the ease of use. No more having to lug around air leads and attachments or worry about where to mount the aerator. Simply drop it in your live bait bucket, well or tank and let it do its thing!


  • Long run time facilitates long fishing sessions without churning through batteries.
  • High volume pump delivers plenty of oxygen for multiple fish.
  • Live baits stay alive, healthy, and active, ready for presentation.
  • Compact for easy transport and storage.
  • Continuous and intermittent settings allow you to regulate the power drain and oxygen supply.
  • Simply floats quietly on the water. No noise and no messy pipes and mounts to arrange.
  • Quality fittings ensure your aerator will endure regular exposure to saltwater.

The Rapala Floating Aerator is a brilliant fishing accessory that is a must for the live baiter and will appeal to those anglers catching fish destined for the table. Keeping your fish alive is now easier than ever with the Rapala Floating Aerator for sale now.


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