Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Lures

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Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Soft Plastic Lures

Get ready to reel in beasts with Rapala's latest release: the Crush City Heavy Hitter soft plastic lures! These aren't your run-of-the-mill soft plastic baits; they're game changers designed to revolutionize your fishing experience.

What sets the Heavy Hitters apart is their unique design and custom combinations of colour, salt, and scent strategically injected into each bait. The attention to detail put into the Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter results in a soft bait fishing lure that looks natural and acts real, fooling even the wiliest of fish species in saltwater and freshwater environments.

However, it's not just about looking good. The Crush City Heavy Hitter Soft Plastic lures also boast an impressive line-up of features that make them true heavy hitters in the world of fishing gear. From the Super T.P.E material to the grooved belly design engineered to deliver exceptional performance in a variety of fishing scenarios

Imagine yourself on the water, casting out one of the new Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Soft Plastic Lures. As it lands, it instantly attracts attention with its life-like swimming actions and exciting colours. You feel the tug on the line and reel in your catch - it's the biggest fish you've ever caught. That's the power of the Crush City Heavy Hitters.

Whether you're an inshore angler looking to hook some murray cod or a coastal fisherman aiming for a trophy-sized snapper, the Crush City Heavy Hitters have you covered. They're suitable for many fishing styles, including reef fishing, where the heavy hitter's realistic movements and irresistible scent profiles can lure even the most elusive species out of hiding.

So why wait? Take your fishing game to the next level with Rapala's Crush City Heavy Hitter lures. You may just be the envy of every angler on the water. Experience maximum action and unleash your angling potential like never before.

Features and Specifications:

  • Baitfish profile soft plastic fishing lure
  • Size: 4 inches
  • Qty in the packet: Five lures
  • Advanced body rolling action
  • Unrigged (you can rig it with a weedless hook or jig head)
  • Baitfish scent
  • Salt impregnated design
  • Carefully crafted fish-attracting colours
  • P.E soft plastic construction
  • Suitable for freshwater or saltwater fishing
  • Ideal for inshore, coastal or offshore fishing

Note: Please be advised that the price is for one packet only. Please select a colour when making your online purchase.

What is the best way to rig the Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Lures?

We recommend using a weedless hook or jig head when rigging Heavy hitters. The ideal jig head hook size is a 3/0.

Is the Heavy Hitter a fresh or saltwater lure?

Depending on your target species, the Heavy Hitter is designed for fresh and saltwater fishing. The lure has a baitfish scent and is salt-impregnated for enhanced attraction.

What type of fish can I target using the Rapala Heavy Hitter?

The heavy hitters are specifically crafted for handling hefty weights in inshore fishing. Whether it's targeting big flathead, cod, mulloway, or barramundi, this lure also proves to be an exceptional choice for coastal fishing, enticing snapper, Aussie salmon, and various other robust species. With their versatility and durability, Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter lures are a must-have for any angler seeking success in challenging fishing conditions.

What size is the Heavy Hitter lure?

The Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Lures come in a convenient 4-inch size, offering excellent performance and versatility when targeting larger fish. Heavy hitters are designed to provide optimal results and are perfect for anglers seeking heavy-weight catches.

What colour options are available?

Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Soft Plastic Lures come in various attractive colours, including baitfish, glow shad, pearl watermelon, whiting, black gold, neon pearl, red dog and whitebait.

Purchasing Rapala Heavy Hitter Fishing Lures Online.

Discover the ultimate convenience of acquiring the Heavy Hitter Lure through our online fishing store. While various retailers offer this remarkable lure, our platform provides one of the best and most hassle-free experiences. We also offer bulk buy rates. Explore our extensive collection of Rapala Lures For Sale and have your purchase delivered right to your doorstep or local post office.

Elevate your tackle stash and secure a packet of these irresistible Heavy Hitters today! With their exceptional performance, you'll effortlessly reel in impressive catches in no time. Gain the competitive edge in fishing success with the Rapala Crush City Heavy Hitter Soft Plastic Fishing Lures.


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