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80% OFF Sebile Crankster (Lot of 4 Lures) PR02

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Product Description

CLEARANCE - (LOT OF 4 LURES) 80% OFF Sebile Crankster 35 Fishing Lure (Note model number is 35)

Now here is a chubby that commands some attention. The Sebile Cranster lure size model 35 Fishing Lure is a continuation of the Sebile tradition for looking well outside the square and developing innovation that is truly original. This somewhat unattractive little shad is not really blessed with a body for the catwalk. In this case however, beauty is in the eye of the hungry, and Bream are developing a ferocious appetite for this rotund little number.

The Sebile Crankster lure has excellent casting qualities. When the Lure is cast the internal metal bead move to the tail of the lure for ideal cast weight distribution. You can really generate some significant casting distance on light line with this little lure which opens up a load more opportunities on the water. This is light tackle Breaming at its very best.

Its snag resistance is another significant feature that will serve you very well when fishing the regular Bream haunts. Bream thrive in lure thieving heavy structure. Snags are always a constant menace but the Crankster 35 goes quite some way to mitigating against this expensive inevitability. A short jerk of your rod sees the bib hit the structure and bounce it off. A pause in retrieve will also see the Crankster simply float free. This is great news for temper management as well as the wallet. No hardbody fishing lure is completely snag proof but at least Sebile have thought hard about making a lure a little more snag resistant compared to some other lure brands.

While the Crankster 35 is a total Bream magnet, you will find equal success tossing it at Bass and Flathead. The on board, particularly loud rattle, is the sort of noise our scaly favourites find completely irresistible. The Crankster swims fairly shallow. It has a tight wobble and also responds well when twitched. There are 5 excellent colours that have varying patterns, so there is definitely a Cranster to suit your conditions and application. The Crankster 35 can be cast and trolled. Best buy yourself a selection.

Features and Specifications

  • Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Depth: under a meter
  • Line rating: 1 – 6lb
  • Yes, lures are rigged with quality hooks and split rings


  • The Sebile Cranster 35 Fishing Lure has excellent anti snagging properties.
  • The loud rattle attracts fish from a long distance.
  • Excellent casting qualities allowing you to fish further afield and combat the wind.
  • The Sebile Cranster 35 has remarkable casting accuracy.

The Crankster Lure 35 model is certainly making its presence felt in the Bream, Trout and Bass market. Insightful, innovative design is seeing the Cranster 35 knock competing lures off their high horse and sending a few shad designers back to the Drawing board.

The Crankster is a must have in your Bream, Trout and Bass lure arsenal.

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