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Penn Clash Reel For Sale - Clash 2

Heavy-duty power is a quality we have come to love in Penn Spin reels. We are well used to the heavier feel of the Penn Spin reel in our hands and the solid confidence it instils whatever our target, application or location.

As a sign of the times and response to angler demand, Penn has focused on creating a much lighter spin reel. Enter the Penn Clash Reel.

We continue to witness the effects of technology on fishing reel materials along with components, and the Penn Clash Reel is a reflection of the contemporary approach to Spin reel construction. They’re light. Very light, in comparison to traditional Penn Reels but with all the strength and power synonymous with Penn.

CNC Gear Technology – The gearing system is the most significant technological advance featured in the Penn Clash Reel series.  Brass pinion gears are in Penn Clash sizes along with drive gears made of robust aluminium. Precision machining has created gears that ensure velvety smooth operation, substantial cranking power and the astonishing durability for which Penn is already famous.

Advanced Features – This listing was updated in September 2020 to feature the new clash II and replace the original model. While the sales and reviews were excellent for the first generation, you may be wondering why to replace with a second generation. The simple answer to this to release a Penn Clash fishing reel that is even greater than ever before!

The Clash II spin reel series incorporates two critical new features over the original series. First, each reel now contains a hydrophobic line roller and second, Penn’s new clutch armour system. When fishing in saltwater both line roller and anti-reverse clutch systems are two areas in fishing reels which often affect spin reel performance. The Hydrophobic line roller system is an excellent feature as it repels water; it helps keep the salt out and resists corrosion.  Penn’s new Clutch armor system also does a fantastic job at protecting critical componentry within both the pinion and clutch system.

Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing – This is a go-to reel from wherever you stand or float. Boaties can jig, cast and troll for whatever species they desire, from Lake bound Trout to blue water Dolphin Fish. Land-based anglers can set livies to entice monsters or stir the surface from the ocean rocks with some big poppers. Whatever your poison, you can cast your life away and remain full of puff to do it all again tomorrow.

Features and Specifications

  • Reel body is full metal
  • CNC GEAR construction technology
  • HT-100 drag washers (made of carbon fibre)
  • Ball Bearings: 8 (stainless steel) + 1 Anti-reverse bearing
  • Heavy-duty construction bail arm wire
  • A rubber gasket is on the spool for those that wish to fill entire reel with braid and no backing
  • Line capacity rings
  • Leveline Oscillation System that allows the fishing line to lay in a more even and accurate manner.
  • Hydrophobic water repelling line roller system
  • Clucth Armor System

Note: Price is for one Penn Clash Reel only. Price will vary depending on the size you proceed to order. Images for illustration only, slight variations may occur.

Penn Clash Buying Guide

Outstanding range of sizes – There are four sizes for sale in the Clash series. The 2500 and 3000 will suit all of your light gear applications. They’re for tackling Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Bass and Trout with light lures and finesse techniques, with the 3000 giving some extra power and line capacity.

The 4000 and 5000 will dominate the inshore grounds but also provide you with enough strength for light offshore sports work and light beach and rock fishing. However, don't be shy to take the heavy loads offshore on fish such as trevally, snapper and dolphinfish.

Small Inshore Sizes

Model: Penn Clash 2500 Reel

  • Mono Line Capacity Guide: 6lb/255 yards, 8lb/175 yards, or 10lb/140 yards
  • Braid Line Capacity Guide: Braid, 240yards /10lb, 220 yards/15lb or 160yards /20lb
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Line per turn: 850mm
  • Reel weight: 241 grams
  • Max Drag 5.4Kg

Model: Penn Clash 3000 Reel

  • Mono Line Capacity Guide: 200yards/8lb, 165yards/10lb, 120yards/12lb
  • Braid Line Capacity Guide: 250yards/15lb, 180yards/20lb, 130yards/30lb
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 (or High Speed Model 7.0:1)
  • Line per turn: 890mm (or High Speed Model 1040mm)
  • Reel weight: 291 grams
  • Max Drag: 6.8Kg

Model: Penn Clash 3000HS High Speed Reel

  • Mono Line Capacity Guide: 215yards/8lb, 175yards/10lb, 130yards/12lb
  • Braid Line Capacity Guide: 270yards/15lb, 195yards/20lb, 140yards/30lb
  • Gear Ratio: 7.0:1
  • Line per turn: 1040mm
  • Reel weight: TBA
  • Max Drag: 6.7Kg

Small Penn Clash Reel Summary and Rod Suggestions

2500 and 3000 sizes in Penn Clash classify as small size – therefore as a guide only, spots where you would be most likely to use a Clash 2500 or a 3000, would be in rivers, lakes, bays and sheltered waters (either fresh or saltwater). Target any species such as Bream, whiting, Australian bass, trout, flathead and a range of other lightweight target fish.

When choosing a rod to go with a Clash 2500 for light inshore, we suggest a fishing rod around 6-7ft in length with a line rating of anywhere around the 2-5kg mark.

For the size 3000, the same suggestion applies. However, due to extra capacity and class, you could pair it with an inshore rod anywhere between 2-8kg.

There are plenty of rods that will work with these sized reels outside of our guide, but our suggestions are the most common typical applications.

Medium Sizes for med-heavy inshore & light offshore

Model: Penn Clash 4000 Reel

  • Mono Line Capacity Guide: 270 yards/8lb, 220yards/10lb, or 165 yards/12lb
  • Braid Line Capacity Guide: Braid, 360 yards/15lb, 260 yards/20lb or 185 Yards/30lb
  • Gear Ratio: 6.2:1
  • Line per turn: 940mm
  • Reel weight: 308 grams
  • Max Drag: 8kg

Model: Penn Clash 4000HS High Speed Reel

  • Mono Line Capacity Guide: 305 yards/8lb, 250yards/10lb, or 185 yards/12lb
  • Braid Line Capacity Guide: Braid, 410 yards/15lb, 295 yards/20lb or 210 Yards/30lb
  • Gear Ratio: 7.0:1
  • Line per turn: 1120mm
  • Reel weight: 322 grams
  • Max Drag: 6.8kg

Model: Penn Clash 5000 Reel

  • Mono Line Capacity Guide: 225 yards/12lb, 200 yards /15 lb or 135 yards /20 lb
  • Braid Line Capacity Guide: 420 yards /20 lb, 300 yards /30 lb or 240 yards /40lb
  • Gear Ratio: 5.6:1
  • Line per turn: 960mm
  • Reel weight: 462 grams
  • Max Drag: 9.1kg

Medium Penn Clash Reel Summary and Rod Suggestions

Penn Clash 4000 and 5000 spinning reel sizes are somewhat a medium-sized reel which will cover a lot of different applications. Capable of heavy estuary fishing for mulloway or barramundi, Bay or light offshore for snapper and other reef fish. You could even use a 4000 to 5000 sized reel for light rock or surf fishing to target whiting, bream or dart. The choice is yours.

In terms of rod choice for light offshore or heavier inshore fishing, either size will match well to most 6-7ft barra/snapper-style graphite boats rods with ratings between 6-15kg.

For spinning the rocks, an 8-9ft shore spin rod with appraised ratings between 4-10kg makes the ideal pick. Alternatively, if light surf fishing is further up your alley, then either size 4000 or 5000 will match well with many 9-11ft light graphite surf rods rated between 3-10kg


  • The Penn Clash Reel spool has capacity rings and is braid ready because it has a rubber gasket so you can tie braid direct to it without slippage, yet the mono traditionalist will also love the line capacities.
  • Hydrophobic line roller and the new clutch armor system offer excellent protection in critical components from damaging elements which help at keeping the reel performing at its best longer.
  • The full metal body and CNC GEAR Technology provide strength and power.
  • 8 sealed bearings offer velvety smooth operation and promote longevity, even under the harshest of Aussie conditions.

Lightness and overall reel strength are a highlight of the Clash, and allow you to feel supremely confident when the pressure is on. Do yourself a favour and look no further than a Penn Clash Reel.



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