Chasebaits Ripple Cicada Lure

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Chasebaits Ripple Cicada Lure

The ripple cicada doesn't create a scream the same way as its realistic relative does, but this lure screams at Australian bass! At first glance, you can see why an Australian bass would leave its snag of comfort to engulf this imitation from the water's surface. A compelling replica of a freshly hatched cicada and its soft body that imitates a similar sound as if a real one dropped into the water is too good for bass to refuse.

The ripple cicada's pliable wings pulsate side to side when pulled through the water, creating a realistic swimming action that drives the bass crazy. The added persuasive colour finish also entices fish to strike. If you're looking to target bass on top water, the ripple cicada is the way to go!

For those who love to fish and are seeking a new challenge, the Chasebaist Ripple Cicada is not just an option limited to Australian bass. It will be just as effective in catching freshwater and saltwater species such as bream, saratoga, jungle perch, and sooty grunter.

This pursuit-sized Ripple Cicada is the perfect size for an easy meal, and it weighs in at approximately 8 grams, so it's easy enough to cast on most light graphite rods rated anywhere from 1-5Kg.

Features and Specifications:

  • Size: 48mm
  • Weight: Approx 8 grams
  • Hooks: (2) BKK Treble
  • Pliable wings
  • Soft hollow body
  • Quick to action
  • Realistic imitation of freshly hatched cicada
  • Target species: bass, perch, saratoga, sooty grunter

Note: The multiple images of the lure are for illustration purposes only, and the price is for 1 (one) lure only. Select your preferred colour from the drop-down menu above.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use Chasebaits Ripple Cicada Lures?

We suggest that the best times to fish with the Chasebaits Ripple Cicada lure are early morning and late afternoon when the sun is low, and fish are actively feeding on the surface.

The best months of the year to fish the Ripple Cicada are typically from October to March.

What are the Best Ripple Cicalda Colours?

While all colours can work, It is always best to keep a few in the darker colours in your lure bag, such as Red Eye or the orange devil. Dark-coloured surface lures are the top preference among many anglers, and they're a staff favourite at our fishing tackle shop.

How do I fish with Chasebaits Ripple Cicada Lures?

The Ripple Cicada can be fished in a few different ways, but our favourite is simply casting it out and retrieving it steadily back to the shore. The wings of the lure will pulsate from side to side and create a realistic swimming action that is sure to entice even the most finicky of fish.

You can also use a stop-and-go retrieve or fish it with a twitching action by using quick jerks of the rod tip. Experiment until you find what works best on the day, as different days can call for different techniques. The main thing to remember when fishing with the Ripple Cicada is to keep your retrieve steady and slow, giving the lure the best chance to work its magic.

What other fishing lures work well for bass?

We sell a wide selection of Australian Bass Lures. at the fishing tackle shop. Divers, Soft Plastic Lures., poppers and spinnerbaits will all work well. The Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada is the next best alternative to the ripple cicada.


  • The realistic design, which replicates a newly hatched cicada, is irresistible to bass. Trickery at its finest!
  • The wings of the lure imitate a real swimming action of a fallen cicada in a struggle trying to make it back to the safety of dry land.
  • The lure is easy to cast and can be worked in a few different ways, making it versatile and easy to use.

If you're a bass fisherman without a Ripple Cicada in your lure bag, you're genuinely shortchanging yourself. You can have one of the most versatile and effective topwater lures on the market for a tiny investment. Order your own Chasebaits Ripple Cicada at the fishing tackle shop for a reel screamin' good time.


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