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Chasebaits The Smuggler Lure (Budgie Style)

At Fishing Tackle Shop, to say we have been incredibly impressed by the designs coming out of the Chasebait lure stables over the past few years is near an understatement. However, is there a better word? Moreover, in the case of this new design, should we say “is there a better bird”?

This new lure design is turning many anglers heads, and it’s not just anglers heads which are turning. The action of The Smuggler lures is incredible it’s turning many fishes heads too (towards the lure that is).

With the packaging design, you would swear it was the budgie smuggler, and while the range does feature some incredible budgie lure designs, the lure is officially called “The Smuggler”. Two sizes, a 65mm model and a 90mm size were released covering a broad array of fishing styles.

Chasebaits The Smuggler Lure is ready for you to battle freshwater rivers, dams and impoundments with target species in mind like bass cod, saratoga and just about any other freshwater fish that would annihilate a bird for breakfast.

Chasebaits continues to innovate and sticking with the realistic bait theme we have a fantastic colour line up of bird lures. It’s not just impressive budgie colour patterns, but a line up of other bird colours which you could say would closely resemble a sparrow or perhaps a baby cockatoo — all fish-catching colours.

Chasebaits The Smuggler lure offers full attention to deal from remarkable colour pattern finishes through to quality split ring and BKK treble hooks. If you’re ready to fly a Chasebaits The Smuggler lure be sure to do so before they all fly off our shelves.

Features and Specifications

  • Brand: Chasebaits
  • Model: The Smuggler
  • Sizes: Choose either 65mm (18g) or 90mm (41g) when ordering
  • Action: Surface fishing lure – Topwater walker/crawler
  • Bird / Budgie style lure
  • Metal Wings
  • A metal soundbar through body
  • Internal rattle chamber with incredible rattle sound
  • Semi-soft claws for longer-lasting durability
  • Ideally suitable for freshwater fishing

Note: Price is for one Smuggler fishing lure only. Multiple images shown are for reference. Please choose the size and colour you require when making your purchase. Please note, that price will differ depending on which size you wish to purchase.

Chasebaits The Smuggler Lure Buying Guide

In our range of Smuggler fishing lures for sale we have two sizes, a 65mm and a 90mm. There are different purposes for where each size could position best. So, for the anglers that are not too confident in making an immediate purchase decision; we will assist you further by providing you supplementary information on each size available.

65mm Size Chasebaits The Smuggler Lure

At 65mm this lure is certainly not out of size scope for Australian bass anglers. Yes, It is a little on the larger size for bass however the hook positionings and action make it the ideal candidate to smack some impressive Aussie bass in your local rivers.

We should mention that although the lure is only 65mm in length the weight is worth some further consideration. The 65mm model weighs approximately 18 grams. So, it would help if you exercised care and caution with your casting (especially on spin gear in skinnier water or heavily shrubbed terrain). If you have a baitcaster set up, this will assist in casting control when tricky casts are necessary.

With Australian bass now mentioned we turn our focus to other primary targets which include the likes of saratoga, sooty grunter, barramundi and Murray Cod. The 65mm will make an excellent choice for all these species too, especially when you don’t want a lure that is principally too big for the local fish that inhabit your area.

90mm Size Chasebaits The Smuggler Lure

The 90mm size weights an impressive 41 grams that will assist the lure fly through the air to fair distance landing points. As such, the 90mm size makes an excellent choice for anglers fishing open water dams and impoundments. Though, don’t discount the use of this lure in rivers. Again, if using a baitcaster setup, this lure will deliver excellent results where the water body is tight or hard to fish with spin gear.

The two most primary Australian fish targets for the 90mm size include Murray cod and barramundi. If you are one of our offshore customers, It could be worth a hard look at this lure for species like peacock bass, pike and any other fish in your country that would eat a small bird from the surface of the water.


  • Metal wings create an impressive blooping and walking action which entices many of our Australian freshwater fish species. The centre bar also provides additional charm when the metal wings hit It via particular retrieve techniques.
  • Soft tail travels behind The Smuggler Lure providing accompanying realistic birds tail action.
  • The internal rattle is loud, the sound it emits is nothing short of impressive and will undoubtedly awaken any target fish from its snaggy hideout.
  • Hardware quality is high. Included and rigged onto the lure are sharp and robust BKK treble fishing hooks.

Chasebaits continue there theme of realistic-looking baits with the introduction of The Smuggler Lure to their range. They’re flying off our shelves and into the tackle boxes of many anglers across the country. Don’t be a bird brain and miss out, buy a Chasebaits The Smuggler Lure for your lure box today before they’ve all flown away.


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