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Electric Motors


For Sale – Check our affordable Electric Boat Motors, Trolling motors and Kayak motors in the ever popular range of Jarvis Walker Watersnake motors in particular.
This special page is home to an affordable range of electric boat motors that can be easily attached to your boat or kayak. Just below, you can find an electric boat motor within the popular designs of bow mount or transom. Each will suit different circumstances, but you can learn about these below.

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Jarvis Marine Bow Mount Electric Motors

Bow Mount Electric Motors are one of our most popular selling styles of trolling motors. These fit to the front of your boat – Buy here.

Jarvis Marine Transom Mount Electric Motors

Shop here - with our range of transom electric motors. We even have a couple of super popular kayak motors - CHEAP!




Bow Mount – A bow mount boat motor is best suited to medium or large vessels. These are screwed into the bow and will let you control the boat from the front. Bow mount boat motors pull the boat through the water with stunning accuracy and manoeuvrability and come in a few different lb thrust models, shaft lengths and also for sale are models with wrist remotes and foot controls as well as models with just the foot control.

Transom – The transom style is more traditional compared to the bow mount. Quite simply, this is because a transom electric motor is fitted to the back of the boat. Transom electric motors offers less control, but will take up far less space on smaller boats and kayaks.

Trolling Motors – Each style of trolling motor has affordable options for your boat or kayak. Adding a motor will give you the freedom to change direction quickly and get you where you need to be. For instance, trolling is one of the most popular uses.